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What is Christian alcohol rehab?

Updated on March 18, 2008

Christian alcohol rehab...prayer as recovery

Christian alcohol rehabs, although focused on the spiritual, are in many ways not all that different from a conventional rehab experience…and that's a good thing. They take what has proven effective in the treatment of addiction in the secular world, and combine it with a spiritual element that proves resonant to Christian participants.

How is Christian alcohol rehab similar to a conventional rehab experience?

A Christian alcohol rehab does not abandon such programs as peer group meetings, pharmacological interventions and cognitive behavioral training, but these programs are instead integrated into a more comprehensive experience benefiting the Faithful.

How is Christian alcohol rehab different from a conventional rehab experience?

Christian alcohol rehab treats the problem of addiction and alcoholism as problem primarily of the spirit, and requiring of spiritual solutions. The most common form of programming in a Christian alcohol rehab is a form of 12 steps therapy such as AA, but instead of praying to a form of higher power, Faithful pray to God and to Jesus Christ for guidance, for insight and for forgiveness; and use the strength of God as a tool to overcome addiction.


Prayer is an active component in the recovery process, and through private and communal prayer sessions, Faithful work the Christian 12 steps; asking for forgiveness, asking God to remove the defects of character that allow for addiction, asking for God's guidance away from use and temptation, and pledging to work for God in all things towards a better life of sobriety.

Bible study

The Christian alcoholic benefits from a very powerful volume of recovery advice, in the bible. Bible study sessions show that the unique and modern problems of alcoholism and drug addiction are in fact timeless, and rehab participants study passages of scripture relevant to the experience of healing from addiction.

Through a greater understanding of the Bible's message about addiction, recovering Christian alcoholics are left with an enduring book of support against future temptation and use.

Private religious therapy

Working one on one with a pastor or minister, Christian addicts in recovery work through some of the problems in their lives that lead them to drink or abuse drugs. Together, they work to find appropriate solutions to causes of temptation, and also to better understand God's message and plan for their life.

Ministers will usually have some significant training in addictions and counseling; again combining what is effective from the secular world with the spiritual.

A spiritual rehab

By treating the problem of addiction as a problem of the body (with medical monitoring and treatment) but also of the spirit, Christian alcohol rehabs are in a way the original form of the now trendy "holistic" rehab experience.

Christian alcohol rehabs are open to all who need help, and who believe; and both very luxurious (expensive) and subsidized and accessible options are available. An obvious place to start looking for help is through your local church, and through the advice of your pastor or minister.

A Christian rehab is unlikely to offer much benefit to a non believer, but for someone already Faithful, it often makes more sense to be praying to god, instead of a "higher power" and to use the strength of belief, and an institution that will always be there, for continual support and inspiration.


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    • profile image

      rehab clinic 

      11 years ago

      The negative effects of a drug or alcohol addiction are far reaching. Behavior of the addicted person can impact many lives. Children, parents, brothers, sisters and friends can all be affected.

    • misslja profile image


      12 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

      I agree that God is so important for you when you're trying to overcome an addiction.  When I quit alcohol almost 21 years ago I knew that I had some help from "up above" because I could NOT have quit on my own.  I wasn't at a happy place in my life and I was suffering from a death in the family 4 years before.  I was drinking very heavily.  Then one was over.....not trying on my part, no going to AA or just "happened" and I never craved a drink again. 

      I tell people when they ask how I did was like an epiphany..but God was definitely part of it.....and I'm happy to know that I couldn't have done something so big as quitting drinking so effortlessly.

      Linda Joy Allan, author of "I Quit!  Cigarettes, Candy Bars & Booze" 

    • profile image

      ai caven 

      12 years ago

      Its good to be religious when your down that is the best way to do when you encounter problem..because god is always to help us whatever problem we encounter.


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