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What is a Complicated Migraine?

Updated on July 6, 2015

I am seeing stars and zigzag lines like ;lightnings. It is a warning that I will be having a headache. A migraine.. I got used to it every month before and after my menstrual period. It would be unusual if it wouldn't come in a month.

It took years to know that it is a migraine because I thought it is just an astigmatism, I tried using eyeglasses in college thought it cured it.

It was in my mid 20's where I suffered from "complicated migraine". I was working as a call center agent and I work in a night shift. Lack of sleep and the dynamic change of work schedule, skipping meal triggered it.

I have encountered the same symptoms, but the only difference is that this time, half of my body was numb and the aura has not stopped for minutes, but it took days. I felt fear and helpless. I stayed in my room and sleep thinking that it will be gone, but when I woke up the aura is still there, blurry.

My mom accompanied me to an ophthalmologist and the doctor said it is not astigmatism and it is a migraine. He then referred me to see a neurologist, unfortunately no doctor was available that time so we rushed to the ER because I thought I'm gonna die, my body is weak and I feel numbness in my left side of my body. The ER nurse said that they won't accept us and advised we need to see a neurologist. We waited, and finally able to consult with the neuro. I told her about the symptoms and she grabbed an old book and showed me 1 page bookmarked, the Title "COMPLICATED MIGRAINE". She said that some would experience weeks of numbness and even months. She said that I'm having a mild stroke. I was surprised when she said that "I won't give you an anti-depressant pill" instead you take B1 complex vitamins. And vitamins that have a paracetamol for headaches.

From the scenario above, somehow depression can trigger a migraine. The doctor said "BE HAPPY", this is the only cure to MIGRAINE.

The Symptoms

  1. Painful Headache
  2. Disturbed Vision- seeing zig zag lines, blind spots, colored spots & temporary blindness
  3. Numbness(minor stroke, half of your body is weak)
  4. Weeks of temporary blindness

The Cause

  1. Lack of Food
  2. Lack of Sleep
  3. Sad and depressed
  4. Hormonal changes for women
  5. Stress
  6. For others, consumption of alcohol

What is a Migraine?

Migraine is a neurological disorder. It's about the sensitive nervous system. The nerves are inflamed.

Migraine's cause is unknown but based on what I have experienced and the doctor's diagnosis, the following can trigger and caused a complicated migraine

It is COMPLICATED when you feel numbness for weeks or months.

Migraine and Genetics

IT started during my high school days, I was in the second year when every before and after my menstrual period. There are stages. First, blurry vision in the left side, then gradually a zigzag light appear. Second, the headache will follow. 15 minutes of distraction of vision and pain. Vomiting too.

I told my mother about it and said It might be astigmatism. My mom is experiencing only headaches before and after her period. and she said I have acquired it from her.

Foods to eat and avoid

  1. Avoid eating meat (all kinds )
  2. Avoid drinking too much alcohol
  3. Eat fruits and vegetable especially pineapple and apple

Ice Bag


My Headache Remedy

  1. If you have a migraine, your best friend is the ice bag. My doctor said that the cold can lessen the pain and reduce the swelling nerves.
  2. Pineapple is a fruit that makes you happy. When you are sad just eat pineapple


My Important reminders

  • B Complex
  • Ice Bag and ICE- remedy for headaches
  • Sleep
  • Avoid noisy places
  • Turn off lights

Lastly, be HAPPY and ENJOY Life

Have you suffered from Migraine? What is your Treatment

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    • juderes profile image

      judalyn eres 2 years ago from cebu city, philippines

      it still visits every month but i have the remedy. it's like my body is immune with pain. Thank you

    • lyoness913 profile image

      Summer LeBlanc 2 years ago from H-Town

      This is interesting. One of my good friends suffers from migraines and they make her extremely ill. I hope yours don't cause you anymore pain! There is nothing worse than a pounding headache.

      -Wendi :)