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What is Spiritual Healing and How Does It Work

Updated on January 11, 2011

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing of the mind, body and soul is fast becoming more popular and known. It is an alternative to prescription medicine or to compliment treatment or medicine already being received by a patient. Each and every one of us have our own natural energies, these can be good, positive energy but can also be negative or bad energy, either way, its your energies that are needed in order to perform the spiritual healing process to help heal injury, illness and even stress.

Spiritual healing can be called many different things such as, contact healing, distant healing, therapeutic touch, reiki, qi gong and holistic and although they all have different names, the way in which the healing is done is all very similar. When thinking about receiving spiritual healing, one thing for you to know is that it isn’t in any way religious, you don’t have to believe in any particular religion or faith or prayer to receive the cure to your illnesses (mind, body or soul) however, it is believed to be as old as time itself and to have come from god but as I say this is only what some people believe and hasn’t ever been confirmed. Many believe that people who claim they can perform spiritual healing are being fraudulent and many believe that it is based on your belief that the energies are channelled by the healer through their hands to your body.

What Does a Spiritual Healer Do?

When receiving spiritual healing, the healer will make contact with their spirit guide or spirit healer who then guides them through the process. You will find that the healer goes into a meditative state even and will then begin to place their hands on different parts of the body, such as your head, neck, shoulders, knees, arms and where ever the person receiving healing needs it. You will notice the heat coming from the healers hands can get very hot and this is though to be the energies leaving the healer and going to the other person.

Is It Worth Having Spiritual Healing?

I can only give a personal opinion to this answer and I would undoubtedly say yes. I have received spiritual healing twice now and each time I received it, I felt more relaxed than I had ever felt, I felt at ease with all aspects of my life, there was no stress as all my stress felt as if it had been lifted and I had better sleep than when I haven’t had any healing. When my spiritual healer, Jane asked me if I wanted healing for the first time because I had horrendous toothache, I was hesitant as I was new to it and was uncertain what was involved in spiritual healing but Jane just told me to relax with my eyes closed and feet flat on the floor (no legs or arms crossed as this stops energies running through), so I did and she placed her hands on my head, across my jaw line (where the toothache was), on my shoulders and on my arms and I could feel the warmth of her hands getting warmer and warmer. I don’t know whether it was coincidence or whether the healing energies worked but the pain of my toothache eased and was suddenly bearable. After the healing, I was in such a relaxed state I could have sat there all day receiving her healing as it was such a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone willing to try it.

Overall View of Spiritual Healing

The word “spiritual” seemingly evokes controversy and arguments where ever mentioned but don’t be put off with this word, Yes I do believe that a spirit guide helps guide the healer with their energies but again many don’t believe? The aim of healing is to completely heal the mind, body and soul which is truly an inner healing experience. Spiritual healing is also about loving the life which you are in being able to live a more spiritual life if you want to. We need to remember that it’s not just to cure illness; it’s to ease stress and tension also.


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    • Fluffy77 profile image

      Fluffy77 6 years ago from Enterprise, OR

      Very useful and informative hub, voted you up here. I would love to have more spiritual healing in my life, I think many people today over look this or take it for granted too often. Thanks for sharing another great hub here with us.