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What is Stress? Causes And How To Reduce Stress.

Updated on March 17, 2016

What Is Stress?

Stress is a mental, emotional, or physical strain caused by anxiety or overwork. It may also cause such symptoms as raised blood pressure or depression.

What might be the causes of your stress?

Almost everybody in the universe experience stress in his or her life daily. We think of so many things that end up causing us stress, things like how to pay our bills and seriously not having the cash to pay for them, overwork, your boss, office mate, children or nervousness. You imagined yourself coming back from a hectic day job and found out there is nothing to eat or so many family problem you need to settle, then your brain begins to calculate so many things. With heavy mind you begin to worry and grumble as to why life is treating you so badly, thereby causing yourself more stress. I understand how it feels, nevertheless problems have their reasons of occurring, and therefore we should have our reason to conquer them. The reason being to avoid stress. It is not the load that weigh us down, it is how we carry them.

Being a parent you encounter a lot of stress trying to control your children, today they did these, tomorrow they will do that. You try to caution them but to no avail, this entirely ends up stressing you out.

As a student, you have an exam to write by 2pm, but due to traffic or trouble finding a cab, you got to the exam hall very late or probably they have written the exam already. You became perplexed not knowing where to start. All these and more stressful incident we face daily in life.

How to Reduce Stress:

Identify the Area of your Stress:

1) Firstly, identify the causes of those stresses. What are those things giving you headache, the moment you recognize them, then you can take action towards making them stress-free for you.

Apply Meditation Techniques:

2) Meditation is the emptying of the mind of thoughts or the concentration of the mind on one thing, in order to aid mental development, contemplation, or relaxation. You can carry it out in your living room or any quiet environment. How does it help in reducing tension? It helps you to reduce tension by removing negative, disruptive, and whirling thoughts. Thereby restoring the mind with absolute peace, so that it may concentrate on a more meaningful thought to be able to carry out a quality activity.

Breathe Taking:

3) Sometimes take a dip breath and countdown from 50-1 and relax, these could help you reduce your stress. Breathing is one of the simplest method in reducing stress.

Positive Attitude:

4) Always be optimistic; believe everything will be fine; having faith is one of the powerful tool in living a stress-free life.


5) Exercise can help you reduce stress; relax your mind by exercising. Having a warm bath, a body massage, and then sleep.

Manage your Time Well:

6) Time management is also another essential thing to note, what are those things you want to achieve, set a goal starting from the most important and needed ones. Keep record on how you use your time, have you achieved you objective in their stipulated time? Avoid procrastination, do everything in their right time.


7) Your lifestyle should be monitored, something’s you take into your body can either cultivate stress or reduce it for instance taking excessive alcohol can cause mental problems, it disturbs the mind from its normal state, in this case intake of alcohol do more harm than good to our health and therefore should be avoided.

Think Positively:

8) Change the way you think, don't think like the world think don't fear what they fear, change the thought of fear to that of boldness and that of failure to success, change that of I can't do to that of I can do it . Embrace positive attitude towards life. What you think is definitely what you will become there is no two ways about it. You have to renew your heart think right focus on the future and learn to solve every problem without negative thinking.

Live In Harmony:

9) make sure to live in peace with all men, avoid making trouble, by doing so you are also bringing peace to your life and your whole family.

Try to Solve Your Problems:

10) Excessive stress brings about loss of blood or inadequate supply of blood to the body system thereby causing heart attack. You need to learn to always relax, dissolve your anger, and settle issues that disturbs your mind. This can help you manage stress.

Avoid Being Idle:

11) Associate with people; communicate well to avoid events that will cause stress for you. Do not stay idle, find something to do, workout your plans and go through achieving them.

Diet Meals:

12) When stressed we tend to make bad choices both in our thoughts, food. Have a balanced diet meal for nutritional defense against stress. Do not skip meals for any reason, hunger can cause more stress than we can imagine.

Engage Yourself With Activities:

13) When tensed, get yourself engaged with activities that will help you clear your head and mind. You can go hang out with friends or visit a cinema house, read a book to help you feel relaxed. You can even discuss your developed tension with a friend or family member, as it will help you release the load in your mind. They might even help you solve the problem

Cool Atmosphere:

14) Avoid noisy environment, stay in a room with fresh air and cool sounds to help you lift your spirit.

Visit a Psychiatrist:

15) If you notice you are being more stressed out, which may lead to a critical condition, visit your health physician, and get some advice for better living.

Let Go:

16) After you have faced a difficult problem in life, let go of them and focus on the future.

Set Time to Pray:

17) Always say your prayers to God. Have faith and trust in him for the greater things ahead.

Keep Away from Bad Relationship:

18) Bad relationship can cause you stress, when you are in a bad relationship you tend to face so many problems, which can affect you emotionally, physically and mentally. There for should be avoided.

Try to Say NO:

19) Try to say no sometimes. Most people find it hard to say no to certain things, they want to help people, am not saying its bad anyways but as a time planner you have some agenda to take care of.

Get More Sleep:

20) Sleep is one other step in reducing stress, although we might find it hard to sleep due to thoughts that keep on running through our head. However, enough relaxation before bedtime can ease you of your worries. We should try to sleep almost at the same time daily to wake early too, avoid late night sleep.

How you can manage, stress is totally your choice to make. What is your choice? Will you let it weigh you down, or conquer it, the choice is yours. Stress can be either your pal or your worst enemy; it depends on how you handle them.


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