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What is Terminal Insomnia

Updated on April 5, 2010

Terminal Insomnia

What is Terminal Insomnia

Do you know what “terminal insomnia” means? It is a medical condition that affects sleep patterns. Generally, people who suffer from that disease wake up after only four to five hours or sleep and after that they can`t get back to sleep, resulting in fatigue, irritability and lack of concentration.

Most of the time it is caused by emotional stress, pain or physical illness. You know that stress can cause frustration and anxiety and thus lead to unhealthy sleep pattern. People with higher than normal levels of stress may also suffer from other, different forms of insomnia, including the inability to fall asleep.

 As I said above physical illness or pain can also result in terminal insomnia. Two common causes are injury and digestive problems. If you have digestive problems, then you will need more time to digest the food, which will result in increased energy at night. This can cause the body to wake prematurely. Pain which is associated with any kind of injury may also awake you during the night, and thus leaving you without adequate sleep.

Terminal Insomnia Treatments

How can it be treated? The best way is simply to cure it`s root causes. It is very good idea to practice relaxation techniques before going to bed, as this may reduce stress levels. You can even make it a nightly ritual and repeat it every night. Having a bedtime routing can reset your body`s circadian rhythms which can help you to treat the terminal insomnia.

If you know that the terminal insomnia is caused by an injury or a physical illness then there are some prescription medications and therapies that may help your body stay asleep longer. On the other there are some prescription medications that may lead to difficulty sleeping. So before taking any medicines consult with your doctor about medications` potential side effects.

Other treatments for this type of insomnia can include changing sleep times and the sleeping environment. Some people need fewer hours of sleep than others. Changing bedtime to a later hour may affect sleep pattern just enough to resolve the terminal insomnia. The person's sleeping environment could be causing difficulty in resting. Television and radio noise may lead to early termination of sleep.

Noise and light in the bed area may also lead to terminal insomnia symptoms. Keeping a sleep diary by the bedside can help narrow down the cause of sleep problems. Upon waking, it is important to note what is happening at that precise moment. The temperature of the room, outside noises, and light levels can be important factors in staying asleep through the night. Once the causes are narrowed down, working to reduce such disturbances may help.


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