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What is a State Trigger?

Updated on April 8, 2013


I've been saying "Huzzah" a lot lately. I randomly post it on FaceBook. I just shout it out at home. Alone, around other people, just any time I feel like expressing appreciation or to sarcastically express something was irritating. Huzzah started as a way to amuse myself. Then it almost became a mantra. But now, it's become much more.


My little cutie who shouts "Huzzah!" My wife took this one. Great shot, hun.
My little cutie who shouts "Huzzah!" My wife took this one. Great shot, hun.

A State Trigger

Why do I keep saying “Huzzah!” ?

“Huzzah!” Reminds me of my daughter saying “Huzzah!”

For me, it has become a State Trigger.

What is a State Trigger? The simple explanation. I'll break it down.

You've heard the term “emotional state” and “mental state”? Same idea. A State refers to an emotional or mental frame of reference. How do you feel, what are you thinking about? That is the state you are in.

A trigger is just as it sounds. It's like pushing a button, or flipping a switch. You “trigger” something. In this case, we are triggering a state of being.

A State Trigger is Magic.

Wizard Jesus Cole

My Halloween costume, with a little magic of photo manipulation added.
My Halloween costume, with a little magic of photo manipulation added.


When casting a magic spell, you need a ritual consisting of two or three magic components. A component is like a piece of the puzzle representing the spell you are casting. To cast a spell of protection, you might use a rigid substance and say some words (incantation). To cast an illusion spell, you may use some hand movements and a small, shiny object. The point is, these things represent something to the caster. The caster performs the ritual and, if the caster focuses properly, the effect happens.

I am joking, of course.

Those in the know, realize I am talking about D&D, Shadowrun, and pretty much any other game using magic ever made. Others in the know, understand I am talking about Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Wicca, and many other sources of magic through history. Each uses it's own rituals to evoke powers of gods, or nature; Miracles, or magic to accomplish things “greater than humanity.”

Can you think of a time you've changed your mood with music, a movie, or a book?

See results

Now here's the real punchline.

Most of us (nerds) know the phrase, “Any sufficiently advanced technology resembles magic.” And that's what a State Trigger is. A State Trigger is technology of the mind. It's a technology so advanced, it appears as magic to most of us; yet so simple, anyone can use it. Even without knowing it. And many of us do it all the time.

Have you ever listened to music that changed your mood? Do you usually find you are dancing or singing along when the mood change happens? Have you ever read a book, watched a movie, played a game, or played an instrument that changed your mood? Have you ever knelt down to pray? Meditated?

All of these can be state triggers. They can, at times, instantly change your mood. When you do this, you are providing yourself with a familiar physical action, or position, and providing a specific visual, auditory, or even mental stimulus. “Two or three magic components.” This is a form of ritual that your mind is preconditioned to accept. They “trigger” a sensory memory reminding you of an state familiar to you. Once you turn on your focus, you're all set for a State Trigger. Even imagining these things happening can cause the same trigger to occur.

Just like magic.

A State Trigger is a technique used in NLP.

"Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, USA in the 1970s. The title asserts a connection between the neurological processes ("neuro"), language ("linguistic"), and behavioural patterns learned through experience ("programming") that proponents speculate can be changed to achieve specific goals in life." -Stolen from Wikipedia.

Using a State Trigger

When you use a State Trigger, you instantly move yourself from one frame of mind to another. You can go from writer's block, to furiously inspired writing. From depression, to laughing. From anger, to happiness. The key is in the feeling. When you find yourself feeling something counter productive for where you want to be. All you need to do is use the right trigger. The more powerful the state you want to move from, the more powerful the trigger you need.

What's more powerful than using a State Trigger? Doing it on purpose. Imagine how your day can improve if when you are stressing over something, you change your state. “I don't want to do dishes... I'll turn on some music.” See? You've probably already done similar before. But remember, the greater the dread, the stronger the trigger you need.

How are you going to add a little more Magic to your life?



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