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What is an Accident? and First Aid simple Training

Updated on January 7, 2012
First Aid Box
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Accidents - First Aid

What is an accident?

Any event that happens suddenly and unexpectedly resulting in injury to our body is called an accident. The treatment that we must give to the victim before talking him to a doctor is called the first aid. Let us learn about the first aid that we can given in case of burns, electric shocks or drowning in water.

Accident owing to burn:

How do you feel if very hot water, milk or coffee falls on any part of your body? It burns. Isn't it? Fire accidents may occur while handing hot things, electrical appliances like an iron for pressing clothes or while lighting the crackers. In such accidents, parts of our body may get burnt.

First Aid for burns:

Wash the burnt part with cool water. Cover the part with bandage or clean cloth. If cloth is attached to the burn injury, do not try to remove it. Take the victim to the doctor. Depending on the severity of the burns the doctor will treat the patient.

If eyes are burned in the accident, ask the victim not to open his eyes. place a soft wet cloth or bandage on the eyes and take the vitim to an eye doctor.

Let us take the following precautions:

  • Do not play with fire. Steam is more dangerous than fire.
  • Do not touch hot vessels with naked hands.
  • Take suitable precautions while lighting crackers.
  • Be careful while cooking or lighting lamps.
  • Do not wear Nylon, Terylene, Polyester clothes while using fire - to cook, to light crackers and for other purposes.
  • Keep the gas stove near a window.
  • Close the gas connection after completing the cooking.
  • If you doubt that gas is leaking, open the doors and windows immediately. Call the experts from the gas supplier and rectify the defect.

The Electric Shock:

We use number of electric gadgets in our houses. While using them we may get a shock owing to some defect in the power supply or because of our carelessness we may get an electric shock. We may also get an electric shock if we use loose switches or wires without insulation.

let us be away from any kind of electric shocks:

  • Do not operate electric appliances with wet hands. You must not operate switches with wet fingers.
  • You must wear your footwear while making electric connections. Always use a tester.
  • You should be careful when you are near a table fan or a heater.
  • Use a new wire instead of joining two old pieces of wire.
  • We must not touch hanging electric wires.
  • We must not dry clothes on electric wires.
  • Lying fuses and repairing electrical appliances, etc., must be done only after switching off the power supply.
  • If you observe smoke or sparks from a switch, mend it or replace it with a new one.
  • You should not put your finger or metal rods in plugs or switches.
  • We must be very careful while using an electric iron.


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