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What is drug abuse?

Updated on April 10, 2013

No such thing as "drug abuse"

As far as science can tell, drugs do not have feelings, thoughts or sentient thought. So for all intensive purposes, you can not abuse a drug. In fact, the same could be sad about all inanimate objects.

That being said, you can very easily abuse your body and the other people by inappropriately using drugs for purposes other than improving your health. Even then, it's extremely easy to abuse your body with drugs that you're told will make you better. That's why so called "drug abuse" is such a big problem around the globe. Many people develop unhealthy relationships with their drugs before they even realize what's happened.

Examples of Self-Abuse with Drugs

To answer the question "what is drug abuse", I feel the best way to go about it is to create a list of examples of times when drugs can be misused in ways that harm your body and others who share your reality.

  • Using pharmaceuticals, alcohol or other mind altering substances just to "get high", forget about something/someone or to make you feel braver.
  • Over-prescribing medications that are new, commonly abused or well known to have harsh common side effects (that's right! Doctors can abuse drugs too.)
  • Selling drugs to people who don't need them, are underage or whom are known to abuse them.
  • Avoiding, ignoring or neglecting your family, job, relationship or other responsibilities in pursuit of drugs just to get high.
  • Using mind altering substances to avoid reality regularly.
  • Selling your possessions just to get in possession of more drugs.
  • Taking more medication than you need.


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