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Passion for Living

Updated on December 23, 2019
Harishprasad profile image

Harish Mamgain is fond of the craft of writing. He loves poetry.


A nice Streak of Living

A couple,though childless, seemed to me in an utter bliss, always very cheerful and shared jokes with each other. When they talked, there was a twinkle in their eyes and they smiled a lot. The couple was friendly with all who knew them. Such was their mutual love that within a week of demise of his wife, the man also joined his love. This was a couple deeply in love with their lives and enjoyed every moment of it. Never anyone saw them tense and grieved. The man was very fond of gardening. In front of their beautiful home, a jasmine plant stood, giving fragrance to every guy that used to meet them or passed by.

This is an apt instance of rightful living. People give so much importance and attachment to kids that they cannot conceive a life without them, but this fact did not deter the couple to enjoy their lives to the hilt. This must be the spirit while living.Enjoy whatever aspect of life has been bestowed on us. Make the best of it, live life with great zeal and enthusiasm. Never complain and never be a grumbler, taste all the moments fleeting away. Make love and spread love, don't let our paucity and deficiency winning over our zeal for living.

The greatest gift is life itself, it must be experienced and relished every bit.Every moment of life must be lived with full joy, feeling every breath coming and going. This trait transforms the life into a wonderful episode that people recall it again and again even after it has ended. It is in our own hands to create happiness even in odd circumstances.

One of my friends lost his young elder son, but he never allowed his grief to overwhelm his course of living. He was a perfect picture of grace and dignity. He consumed all bitterness and sadness of the chapter of his life with a great poise and again started living a normal life, enjoying it as he used to in the past. Whatever be the circumstances in our life, we have to stand again and never lose our hold on life.My friend, a real gentleman taught so valuable a lesson of life that I cannot forget ever.

Deadbeats: Great Spoilers of the Game

Then there are guys who do not know where they are going ? They spend their lives with such a recklessness that ultimately they ruin themselves and cause a great hardship and discomfort to their families. The addicted persons fall under this category and because of their unruly behavior,life of everybody in their contact remains in conflict and chaos. Also,some are those who are utterly irresponsible towards their families and never care for them the least ,and splurge money on their cravings and entertainment only.

Such persons never bother about the miserable plight of their family members. Such is their brazenness that in spite of social disrepute,they remain apathetic and remorseless. These are the people who never see any reason in what they do and what should be done. They are very deficient in art of living and are like the logs drifting away in the river.

These people do not have any hold on their lives. They are like robots and are oblivious of course of their journey of lives. They do not know the décor and order that make a wonderful living. Nectar they avoid,poison they embrace. Pity that they waste such precious lives and create hell on earth itself.

Simple Living: Tense free and Cordial

It is very interesting to dwell upon the phenomenon of simple living. Simple living is not merely a living within one's means so as to avoid hardship later on. Simple living is more subtle than it appears to us. When there is clutter and turmoil in the mind to grasp more and more like a greedy man, there is no simplicity.

We ourselves fling us on a course of rat race to the detriment of peace in our lives. Most of us are in the strong grip of our tendency in amassing as much money as we can. This bewildering passion makes us so mad that we deprive ourselves of joys spread in various aspects of our existence. A mad rush saps the real juice of our lives.

Making money is no sin, but to stretch beyond limits is surely futile. Simple living takes it into account very shrewdly and stops where it should. Added to this is a spirit of forgive and forget ,and that is the hallmark of a simple living.

To treat all alike with grace and compassion is another facet of simple living. A straight forward approach in mutual communication and thinking makes a person friend to all and establishes one as a reliable partner in whatever venture. It is a common knowledge that these kind of people get support from all quarters when in difficulty only because they maintain a strong bond and relationship.


Love and Affection: A Potent Cocktail

There are persons so vibrant and friendly that people throng to them in multitude in spite of their social ranking and educational background. On the contrary, there are so glum and snobbish people that nobody wants to even think about them. While the former streak wins the heart of everyone, the latter creates a great gulf. Be it any place, home or office, love and affection are two magical traits that make all enamored of the person who exhibits these with an open heart.

This miracle is known to one who has ever uttered an affectionate word and made a friendly gesture to someone in contact with him. This kind of behavior fills mirth in everybody's life. Words of inspiration said with affection can cause wonders beyond one's imagination. In our family life, our cordial demeanor, love and compassion make our family life just akin to heaven on earth itself.

These traits are so effective that some little skirmishes do not impact the overall serene mood of the family. Even the greatest hardship cannot uproot the strong foundation of family laid with incessant love and impeccable belonging for one another.


Passion for Living: An Forgotten Art

We travel from a point to another one. First point starts with our birth on this beautiful planet. Our parents celebrate the occasion with so much joy and mirth that their whole world takes notice of it and rejoices with them. When all their friends, relatives and acquaintances gather in one place, all wish for our life a happy and vibrant journey.

We start our journey with great enthusiasm, but gradually forget that someone had wished us something so great. We start forgetting the joy of living , and passion of learning something new and becoming happy leaves us. We get entangled in the jungle of complicated thoughts and a maze of unexpected dreams and aspirations.

Not only this, we surround ourselves with all unnecessary conditioning and contradictions. we wrap ourselves with layers upon layers and thus render ourselves as a wretched person, who is desperate to enjoy the world but cannot a bit. So, it becomes all the more necessary that this extinct art of living with a passion should be revived at the cost of everything.

Though this art is to be learnt afresh,there is a cue. An adult who still marvels at a flower, enjoys the rustle of leaves of trees with blowing of soulful wind, can laugh like an innocent kid and so on, is really the master of this wonderful art. Only when we live our life with such craze,creativity and madness , can we enjoy it in a real sense. Let us embrace this living and make this life as a heaven on earth itself.

© Harish Mamgain


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