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Awareness Ribbons, and their Meanings

Updated on February 3, 2013

Ribbons of different colors are seen everywhere, and they are adopted by many organizations to keep the message clear.

The use of these short pieces of colored strips is to draw awareness to health issues, and to make a statement of support for a cause or an issue.

How did the Awareness Ribbon era start?

Awareness ribbons have a long history that begins in recognition of a soldier in the 1970s. Prayers and thoughts were going out for the troops in the United States, and the yellow ribbon was a symbol associated for their welfare and their safe return. This idea took a turn for the positive and since then had been continued on into the 1990s when the United States was in the midst of the Gulf war.

AIDS epidemic came around the 1992 and awareness ribbon was still a favorite; thus, the activists adopted the power of awareness ribbons and introduced the Red Ribbon to signify passion to find a cure for this deadly disease. Same year, pink ribbons were introduced to bring awareness and support for breast cancer cause.

1992 was a momentous year where various ribbons were associated with diseases and the New York Times called it, “The Year of the Ribbon”

As the years rolled by, Ribbons gained popularity and ribbon related merchandise such as label pins, stickers, T-shirts, bracelets, key chains were sold all around to generate awareness. Ribbons are also used to create posters, brochures and promotional campaigns to create knowledge of that particular disease or cause.

Now, Awareness ribbons have evolved in a new dimension and are creating powerful testimony of the cause and also make a fashion statement when worn as a pin.

Color of Ribbon
Diseases associated
Lavender Ribbon
General Cancer Awareness, Epilepsy Awareness
White Ribbon
Bone Cancer, Retinoblastoma
Pearl Ribbon
Lung Cancer, Mesothelioma, Multiple Sclerosis
Black Ribbon
Gold Ribbon
Childhood Cancer,
Lace Ribbon
Grey Ribbon
Diabetes, Asthma, Brain Cancer
Silver Ribbon
Parkinson Disease, Brain disorders, Ovarian cancer awareness, Gynaecological Cancer awareness
Blue Ribbon
Prostate Cancer
Pink Ribbon
Breast Cancer
Purple Ribbon
Pancreatic Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Fibromylagia, Alzheimer's Disease
Red Ribbon
AIDS, HIV, Heart Disease
Orange Ribbon
Green Ribbon
Kidney Cancer
Yellow Ribbon
Bladder Cancer
Blue Jeans Denim Ribbon
Genetic Disorder
Lime Ribbon
Non Hodgkin Lymphoma
Jade Ribbon
Liver Cancer, Hepatitis B
Zebra print Ribbon
Rare Disease, Neuroendocrine Tumor
Red And Blue Ribbon
Pulmonary Fibrosis
Burgandy and Ivory Ribbon
Head and Neck Cancer
Purple and Blue Striped Ribbon
Mixed Connective Tissue Disease
Two Tone Blue and Purple Ribbon
Rheumatoid Arthritis


Awareness is usually defined as a human’s perception to a condition or an event.

It is a state of mind where one is conscious of objects or patterns around them without implying the understanding. It is a relative concept, and it brings in efforts to describe consciousness in the brain that develops awareness of the Qualia developed by other networks.

Awareness of ribbons and their respective colors has helped mankind to strive for a particular disease by either taking prevention steps or helping to raise funds for its' research.

This is a straightforward and elite way of being productive and enlightening our society.

Be aware of the patterns and the suffering around you, and wear a ribbon that is close to your heart.


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