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The 100 Second Super Shape up Program for the Over Sixties.

Updated on September 6, 2016

Photo1. Vibrant health at 83!!


What will you look like if YOU are older than 80?

Do you think pumping iron is the most effective way to remain fit and in shape in old age?

Whatever way you stay in is certainly much better to look like these two guys, than to end up like the one below.

Photo 2. Completely worn out in old age!

Less than 2 minutes per day, can make the difference between photo 1 and 2 for YOU!!

"Half an egg is better than an empty shell,"

Training in a completely scientific fashion for an extremely short period per day is enough to make this saying true in your life. Maybe you still have only half an egg, but isn't that so much better than having nothing?

Life quickly fades away during old age.

One of my dearest friends recently had to start using a wheel chair. He is about 20 years older than me, but within a very short space of time he looked double my age. I have read and wrote much about how quickly the body and mind deteriorates if one becomes completely inactive. But seeing this with my own eyes, was a great revelation. His body and bone structure became so frail and thin, it was as if everything just stopped functioning in an ever increasing degree.

I was in a period where I have not exercised for a great while, and this provided the SHOCK to get me going again. Our bodies are made for movement, and "use makes the muscle" is a very true saying.

I started with The 100 second Super Shape up, and within two short weeks I regained shape again.

By following "The 100 second miracle program, you can make photo 1 your destination.

How do you want to spend your last 20 years on earth?

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Most people hate the word EXERCISE!

I have been training for more than 47 years, and as a qualified Physical Educationist, coached and trained many thousands of people. As a former owner of two Health and Fitness Centers and Gymnastics coach, I kept asking myself the same old question again and again: "Why do most people sooner or later stop training? Answer? Tough version? Okay here it comes:" Most people hate the inconvenience of physical exercise. No matter how interesting the program, no matter how big the rewards promised by the latest research findings, the hard truth remains: Almost everybody who starts training with great expectation and enthusiasm, somehow fades away later....or sooner.

What is your personal experience?

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Real reasons for quitting your program.

Training too long
Train the absolute minimum
The 100 Second Super Shape up Program
Training too often
Have the minimum workout sessions
The 100 Second Super Shape up Program
Training too intense
Let your body lead you into the right intensity level.
The 100 Second Super Shape up Program
Not starting gradually
Start at the level you are on now
The 100 Second Super Shape up Program
Not listening to your body
Begin to learn the wonderful art of listening to the inner voice of your body
The 100 Second Super Shape up Program

Here are the tremendous advantages of the 100 Second Program.Tick those that appeal to you.

Knowing that you hate to exercise, which of the following will appeal to you?

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If you want to get this good then this program is not for you


Let's get it straight....I am not writing for fitness fanatics or bodybuilders.

You are educated, intelligent, widely read and nobody need to educate you on the importance of exercise for good quality living. You are not a fitness fanatic or a body builder, you simply want to stay in shape with the minimum effort, and get on with your life. Then this is Program is exactly what you need.

What then is this Miracle Program exactly?

Although the program is so simple, short and sweet, there is a LOT of research and more than 40 years of ''Trial and Error Experience'' behind it. And actually if you want to make it work permanently, you will need all that wonderful background information. But that is the subject of several more articles which will follow. For now....let's just get you started.

Understand that your good shape is dependent on three things.

  1. Fitness of your Lower Body.
  2. Fitness of your Upper Body.
  3. Your Cardio Vascular System. ( Heart and Lung System)

Choosing your exercises.

Choose one exercise for your upper body and one for your lower body. For the upper body, push ups is still king, and everyone will tell you that squats is still the very best you can do for your lower body. There is a huge variety here, and variety is important, but more about that later.

The Push up

The Squat

Only two exercises, where is the third one?

Hey, I have one exercise for my upper body and one for my lower body, what about my cardio vascular system? Relax my friend. Here is the beauty of the program. If you do the first two exercises correctly there will be more than enough stimulation for your heart and lungs.

Perform your program as follows:-

  1. Do your push ups to the point that you start to feel uncomfortable.
  2. Stop immediately.
  3. Without resting......Perform your squats also until you start to feel discomfort.
  4. VOILA! That is it.

Please listen to your body carefully. If he gets uncomfortable he will immediately start sending out signals of distress. Obey immediately.

When you have completed your push ups, your heart and lungs will already be beating a lot faster. Squats not only works your entire lower body, but is also VERY good for your heart and lungs. If you do these two royal exercises without any rest in between, you will have covered all three aspects of your program successfully, in less than 100 seconds.

If you are completely unfit or you have a medical condition, please do not do any exercise before consulting with your doctor. In the next article I will discuss a detailed format of how such people can get started.

I will also discuss how you can make significant progress on this Program and how you can use variations to make it dynamic, interesting and keep it fresh!

Another great advantage. Less is more.

You are getting so much more for so much less with this program than the guy who does nothing. By training 100 seconds per day in the correct scientific manner, you will have a whopping 35600 seconds of high quality training behind your name, after one year, and the other guy has zero! You will have kept your muscle tone, cardio vascular health and bone density and he has deteriorated dramatically.

Is this all that is needed?

Yes, provided you apply all the correct physiological and psychological principles of intelligent and scientific training.


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    • Harms profile image

      Frik Harmse 16 months ago from Vanderbijlpark

      Yes Jupiter, it is amazing that it can be done. Regards.

    • Harms profile image

      Frik Harmse 16 months ago from Vanderbijlpark

      You bet Marisa. Sounds a great idea. Thanks for that input!!

    • profile image

      Jupiter 16 months ago

      Amazing to think one can become fit in such a short time!!

      Very interesting and helpful to read...

    • Marisa Wright profile image

      Marisa Wright 16 months ago from Sydney

      I remember seeing a TV program which recommended that everyone should do squats while brushing their teeth. I try to remember to do that when I can. Maybe I should finish off with some push-ups!

    • Harms profile image

      Frik Harmse 16 months ago from Vanderbijlpark

      Thanks for commenting Nic. You will be amazed at just how fit you can become if you make this a simple daily habit as part of your normal morning routine.

    • profile image

      Nick 16 months ago

      Thanks so much for posting this article Frik! I am totally gonna give the 100 Second Super Shape-up Program a shot! The other day I played tennis for what seemed like the first time in years. I was shocked at how unfit I have become from my inactive lifestyle. My career requires me to sit for long hours on the computer. I believe the 100-second fitness program you discovered will be manageable.

    • Harms profile image

      Frik Harmse 16 months ago from Vanderbijlpark

      Hi Annie. I am so thankful that I can be of assistance to your dad. Believe me I have been there more than several times. The 100 second shape up program has helped me out time and again. Please give him my kindest regards from a fellow sufferer of procrastination. Regards.

    • profile image

      Annie 16 months ago

      I am totally going to let my dad read this article. He's exacetely the type of person who starts training with enthusiasm and then quits after a while. I know this will help him stay fit for longer and keep him motivated. Thanks