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What is the Reason Behind Burping or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease?

Updated on August 14, 2016

What is burping?

A burp also called a belch, when the stomach is releasing air or gas through the mouth it causes a burp or belch. Babies that are just done feeding, typically with a gentle patting of the back helps the food in the baby goes down better. In doing so it will cause a belch as the food moves around the air in the body. Belching or burping can also be caused by drinking any fluids as you are eating, the liquid mixes with the acid in the stomach and a gas is produced.

Why do people burp even when they have not eaten?

The reason burping happens even if you haven't had anything to eat or drink is of trapped air in the system or caused by chemical reactions. Air enters the gastrointestinal tract when breathing through the mouth, drinking while eating or talking. Sometimes air gets trapped with food or liquids going down the stomach, it's not something that happens often but it happens. Other causes are consumption of any gas-producing food or drink such as soda or beans, by eating the products our body triggers certain chemicals to be produced and air or gas is produced.. Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, this is when the valve between the stomach and the esophagus also called an esophageal sphincter is not able to close and the gas is release. It is like a balloon, when you blow up the balloon and hold the neck no air will escape but when you let go a little it will make a whistling sound. This is how it is with burping also.

What is GERD ( Gastroesophageal reflux disease )?

GERD is a disease that should be brought to doctors attention.  Remember gas is being produced all the time but if the esophageal sphincter is not able to close completely, gas will escape and burping is going to be its result.  If you bend forward to touch your toe and you burp and acid comes up, this is part of GERD.  When you do that, its like squeezing a balloon so whatever that is in there will come up because the "valve" is not able to close.

How to control burping?

There are some ways to prevent burping or swallowing air.  The easiest is to stop drinking any carbonated drinks or beverages.  When eating, eat slowly and drink in between bites, drink by sipping.  Chewing gum also gives burping because majority of the time you are swallowing air unconsciously as you are chewing.  Food such as mints, onions, and possibly chocolate can cause gas, some may experience it a lot less then others.  Alcohol is known to cause gas and burping since it bloats you and gas has to come out.  Most of the food listed here are some of a larger variety, but most food will cause a small amount of gas.

Stress is also related to causing burping, then again stress causes a lot of problems.  But learning to reduce stress will guarantee a lot less burping.  No matter how many times mentioned in other Hubs, stress is deadly.  It can cause something as simple as a burp to a scary heart attack.  But if you are stress and you have noticed the burps to be heavy at times, you might want to seek out help from professionals as burping might only be a start of something worse.

Health is something money can not buy...


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