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What makes a Cigarette so enjoyable???

Updated on December 13, 2011

I have made an effort to list a few ingredients that makes your cigarretes so delicious.

Hydrogen Cyanide:

The potentially harmful gases in cigarette smoke include Hydrogen Cyanide in a concentration 160 times the amount considered safe in industry. Hydrogen Cyanide is a a powerful poison.


It is commonly used as a household cleansing agent, and in the manufacture of explosives.

Carbon Monoxide:

The same deadly gas that is emitted from car exhausts, combines with haemoglobin in red blood cells, thereby reducing the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. Since Carbon Monoxide has a much greater affinity for haemoglobin than does oxygen, it literally drives oxygen from the blood.


It is a colourless oil compound, which in concentrated form is one of the most powerful poisons known. It is marketed as a lethal insecticide (Black leaf 40) and injection of one drop, 70 milligrams, will cause the death of a man of average weight within a few minutes. Nicotine is probably the addictive agent in cigarette tobacco. When someone smokes, it temporarily stimulates the nervous system, and causes the craving for tobacco.


The gas used in camping stoves and cigarette lighters. Apart from cigarette smoke, it is also found in natural gas and crude petroleum.


Tobacco tar contains more than 200 compounds, many of them toxic. Among these are at least 10 hydrocarbons that have produced cancer when administrated to animals. As we inhale a cigarrete the smoke coats our lungs with this liquid tobacco tar. The further down we smoke our cigarrete, the more tar and nicotine it produces. In fact, the last third of the cigarrete produces more tar and nicotine than the other thirds put together.


Phenols has not been proved to cause cancer on its own. However, it does destroys the protective action of the cilia, the small hairlike projections that line the respiratory tract. It is a corrosive poison, and a severe irritant. Used in making glue, paint, plastic and explosive.

Fortunately the poisons in tobacco smoke are counteracted and discharged by the natural defences of the body.However, the accumulative effects of many years smoking often breaks these defences down.

If u feel you should cut down on your smoking remember it's the last third of the cigarrete that does most damage.


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    • Valeed profile image

      Valeed 7 years ago from Pakistan

      @Morson. Thanks for stopping by and reading :)

    • Valeed profile image

      Valeed 7 years ago from Pakistan

      @ pintails: Thanks for reading and your comment :)

    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 7 years ago from Memphis TN

      I know that cigarettes have many health risks, but as a smoker I can tell you that personally I never think about those even though I am constantly bombarded with this information.

      It has some benefits also though I am not condoning smoking nor suggesting that any one should smoke for any reason. However many distance runners smoke a few cigarettes as part of their exercise in moderation smoking actually increases the lungs compatibly for air and strengthens the muscles used to inhale, many psychiatric facilities have patients smoke to relieve stress and it is effective for weight loss, settling stomach aches and other things, however any positive effects are lost when some one like me smokes daily and many times a day.

      I personally started smoking because of the job I had at the time, I drove tractors all day for 12-16 hours a day and had nothing to do with my hands, so i picked up smoking out of simple board-em, and to be honest though i wouldn't mind quiting i do enjoy a good smoke, again I am not condoning it nor am I suggesting that you smoke for any reason, just telling my personal story and facts that you never hear. Like almost everything else in the world it has some useful qualities when used in moderation but when abused it is extremely deadly and if you are like me and smoke daily you are abusing it and there is a good chance you will reap some of the long term side effects.

      great hub though and keep up the great work.

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 7 years ago from Georgia

      Very informative! I've read that nicotine is more addictive than heroin. No wonder I can't quit smoking!