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How to stop insomnia

Updated on August 8, 2008

What not to do before you hit the pillow


Your eyes are getting sleepy and your eyelids start feeling heavy as you walk towards the bed room in a trance like state, you brush your teeth and lay in bed. Suddenly, you are not sleepy anymore, what happened?

Well,it can be that very likely you did something that you shouldn't have done before bed time. No need to feel guilty, there are several things that done before bedtime can heavily conflict with your sleep. A few examples? You may surprised at what you read!

- Snack=lack

Avoid snacks before you snooze. Sugary snacks will very likely raise your blood sugar and this will give you a boost of energy making you stay awake. Same appears to happen with snacks containing fiber.

- Hyperac-TV-ity

You have a television in your room or you watched TV just before deciding to go to sleep. Television images provide mental stimulation which keeps your brain active. An active brain is not the right element in order to fall into a passive state such as sleep.

-REM-ove exercise

You exercised. Even though many people think that exercising before bed will cause the body to tire and therefore, cause sleepiness, the contrary may happen.

The body may feel overstimulated and become reluctant to relax. It is usually wise to avoid exercising within 3 hours of your selected bed time.

- The Pain in the cigarette butt.

You smoked. Nicotine is a stimulant, you do not need to guess why it will not help you sleep. Try to avoid smoking within 6 hours of your selected bed time.

-Joe versus Sandman

You drank caffeine. Does not need to be coffee, it may include any cola drinks or other stimulant drinks. Keep coffee only for mornings or afternoons when you need to stay awake. Coffee at dinner time is useless as you get closer to snooze time.

-Siesta? no Fiesta

You napped during the day. Your day time nap has shortened your need of sleep hours and you can feel it now in the night. Your body clock may be thrown off and this will affect your sleeping patterns.

-Heavy tummy-light sleep

You ate a large meal. Aunt Betty's lasagna is not the best recipe for a good night's sleep. Your body is busy digesting and taking care of the workload and this may affect your sleep and also you may have to deal with indigestion as well.

-Light tummy-light sleep

You didn't eat at all. Maybe it is time to call Aunt Betty back. An empty stomach may keep you awake, a light snack will help, perhaps some warm milk will be a good choice.

-No light, sleep tight!

You left the curtains open. Light from artificial sources outside may disrupt your sleep and keep you awake. You need a nice quiet and dark room to fall asleep.

- AC =Aint Cold?

You put the A.C too low. The ideal temperature for sleeping is 65 degrees, adjust it accordingly.

-Pajama drama

You put the heat too high. Once, again aim for 65 degrees and don't wear too heavy pajamas.

-State of alarm

You stared at the alarm clock. Visually staring at the time will put you into a worried mood making you unable to relax. No relax no sleep. Try to close your eyes and imagine peaceful mountain settings and streams, see yourself walking in these places, this will prepare you to be introduced into a dream like state.

-Too interested?

You started reading this article, OK, I know it is interesting but now, it is time to put it down and hit the pillow. Good night!


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This is a great article. It only touches on the surface of each of these issues, but the awareness it brings is very important. just to realise that you are doing one of these things allows you to change your patterns. Great article! Maybe a little about the brainwaves, theta and delta etc. Keep it coming

    • profile image

      Phil on insomnia 

      10 years ago

      Lots of great info for getting a good nights sleep. Hyperactivity is definitely something that prevents one from getting a good nights sleep. Watching a stimulating movie before bed is a bad one.


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