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What Really Are the Cause of Depression

Updated on June 23, 2020
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Wild is a college student who wants to write about love and learn about love.


Deal with your depression, it's treatable.

Through scrolling down your media accounts you will notice and see some post about depression. Most of them are teenagers knowing that they are really fragile, sensitive and emotionally unstable. In this case, mostly of the teenagers may experience depression before reaching adulthood.

Is the technology must be blame because it cause too much and mental health problem or the depressed person must be blame because they may be used their time on electronic devices than engaging in sports or outdoor activities with peers?

Worry less, depression is treatable.

Depression has a negative effect on your feelings,to your actions in the way you think. Everything changed when you're experiencing depression all you have to do is to get over it and fight.

Depression is hard to handle at this point sadness, negativities, doubts and scared will consume you and most of all if you experience this you also have a feeling of loss interest in the activities that once you enjoyed. You may also have a difficulty in thinking, concentrating in making decisions.

What are the things that bothering in your mind?

Tell that to someone you trust so at least you may feel at ease and at the same time secured.

Who experience depression?

It's natural to a people, sometimes we just can't control our mind and we let our thoughts kill us.

Those who experience depression are those who have low self-esteem, get easily affected by stress and because they are pessimistic,trauma, abuse, neglect, bullying, chemical imbalance, grief and loss, overworking, genetic factors, lack of fulfillment, lifestyle factors, body image issues, perfectionism, lack of social support, and chronic fatigue.

Mostly who experienced this are those who are exposed to violence, abuse or poverty.

They can't adapt changes in it's hard for them to control emotions and the way they think.

If you know someone who experienced this cheer them up because they might think about suicide.

Suicide, nowadays we're aware that suicide is the biggest problem in the society ,even adults get suicide but what is the main problem because they do this? Yes, depression is involved here. As I said earlier if you're experiencing depression you can't create good decision, this people may only think that death or suicide is the answer for their pain without knowing that suicide is not a good thing and is not a good escape from the reality. They must face depression in order to get over it though it's not easy.

What again are the causes of depression?

Depression is the most talked issue and that's is bothering me everyday.I don't know how to comfort those who experience this but we must do something to prevent this.

For additional reasons you can experience depression due to experience of being bullied until you can't take it, drug use that affect your system and the whole of you being a human and also because of problems that they face.

Possible problems they face;

For teenagers,maybe their problem was about a heartbreak, school task, family problems or peer pressure is possible.

For adults,they may be experiencing some family problems,third party in relationship or trouble in finding a job especially when you're supporting your family and when you have a child that is a college student as an example.

Life may be hard but please don't let the challenges of life end what you must continue, fight and never regret in the end.

To overcome depression you can go for a medication and visit psychiatrist, that's recommended in also learn to know yourself, give it a highest value and learn how to control emotions.

Life is a journey you never choose because life itself choose you to live so don't waste the opportunity to live and overcome your weaknesses.

Hold on! you can pick yourself up.

Survive,it's necessary to fight.

Pick yourself if you fall, that's the purpose.


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