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What to Consider Before We Choose a Gym

Updated on March 22, 2010

Going to the gym is a fun and healthy habit to do, but there are several things to consider before who choose a gym.

First : Practice Type

Ask yourself, what type or kind of practice you'd like to get? What fitness goal you'd like to achieve? Do you like swimming or you think you'd like yoga better? Do you prefer treadmil and cardio exercise or you think that aerobic class is more suitable for you?

What do you like to achieve? Cardio endurance, build muscle, increase flexibility, or set a routine exercise without feel bored? By knowing the exercise activity you love, you will enjoy the visit to the gym and that's really great for your health.

If you like using many kind of equipments or only need 30 to 40 minutes practice? It could save your budget.

Second : Location

Like buying a property, location, location, and location is the most important thing to consider. The right location like a near location, will make you visit the gym more frequent. And it means you will get more healthy. One reason why people are reluctant to visit gym is lack of time. If the gym's location near your office, or your neighborhood, visiting gym regularly is not difficult.

You have to consider too if your office location is far from your home, consider time, traffic's condition, and your working habit before you join in one gym. Near your office, your home, or in the middle of your way to your workplace.

Third : Budget

Fitness is not cheap. Sometime you have to pay more if you'd like to get extra comfort facility. You have to check the facility first, do you really need that facility or not? If you don't need the sauna, why you have to choose  gym with that facility? If you have little child ask the customer care, if this gym has a child care which is safe and comfortable for your kids.

There are many gyms with vary of budget.

There are many types of membership and payment system that you can choose. Most fitness clubs offer contracts based on the period of time, every month, once a year, or every three months. select the line with your budget. If you think the price is too expensive, try to bargain, or ask promotion price, especially if you invite friends to join. several fitness clubs have this policy. And find out if that gym has a certain policy for special condition, for instance, if you just given birth or something like that.

Fourth : Time

Check hours of operation and know the gym's busy hours. You should make sure the gym is still open when you want to practice. To determine the pattern of the gym's rush hour, try to go a few times before you decide to join.

Enjoying the gym exercise is important to reduce the decline in motivation to get some exercise. If you have found a suitable health club, the goal you want to achieve can be realized. Of course, if you join with friends, it will make you more excited.

Etiquettes in gym

Some fitness equipment is more desirable that this may create the queue. Avoid dominating certain equipment in a excessive way.

Before and after you use one fitness equipment to another, do not forget to clean that equipment. Sweat on that equipment is something you don't like to have, is it?

No shouting, please
Talking loud in a cellphone while running on a treadmill is really annoying, right? It may disturb other member or customer, so please do not do that. If it really important, stop your exercise and talk outside the room, or later.

Please cover it.
Well, maybe it's only in my country, because we still not comfortable with people walking around in minimum clothes :) Wear some towel or bathing robe. As well as in the sauna. Ask permission first if you like to open your towel.


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    • febriedethan profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Indonesia

      hi pras, good to see u, yes, there are so many things to consider before we join in a gym, especially for Indonesian people like us, and jogging is great, healthy and cheap :) have a great day!

    • prasetio30 profile image


      8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Thanks for share about this information. I got many good advices from you. I am glad to join a gym in my city. But recently I am happy with jogging. I hope this hub useful for us. I rate Up this hub. see you......


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