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How to Dress and What to Wear When You Are Pregnant : 5 Best Fashion Maternity Tips

Updated on January 31, 2015

What to Wear When You Are Pregnant : 5 Best Fashion Maternity Tips

What to Wear When You Are Pregnant : 5 Best Fashion Maternity Tips. When you are pregnant, it doesn't mean to say that you can't be stylish anymore, the fact is that there are several ways to dress up and be fashionable. Are maternity wear the same and they never grow out of style for pregnant women? definitely no -- the way you wear them and some tips will work for you. You can wear the maternity clothes you want to wear but with some considerations, as you don't like to look funny and uncomfortable. Pregnant women are beautiful in general, pregnancy can make a woman to have the confidence and coupled with a smile -- plus a different style can bring out the beauty in them. You can be different with your own style as long as you are comfortable with it. You can be the way you want to be and be unique and become not just one of them with these simple tips. You can also accessorize even when you are pregnant. I will share with you some fashion maternity tips then add your smile and confidence then bingo, you can be stylishly beautiful when you are pregnant.

What to Wear When You Are Pregnant : 5 Best Fashion Maternity Tips

What to Wear When You Are Pregnant : 5 Best Fashion Maternity Tips

What to Wear When You Are Pregnant : 5 Best Fashion Maternity Tips

What to Wear When You Are Pregnant : 5 Best Fashion Maternity Tip 1 --- Wear your smile and have confidence

Now wear those smile, that's the best and first fashion maternity tips. Smile and that will open everything for you. Have you notice when you go anywhere specially if you are pregnant everybody open doors for you, well add your smile and you can get anything, discount, favors and they will smile back at you too, and some would even carry your bag for you. A pregnant woman always have confidence why? they always walk with the stomach out and head up, coupled with the correct posture it will make you confident and when you walk with confidence plus the smile it shows the beauty in you.

What to Wear When You Are Pregnant : 5 Best Fashion Maternity Tip 2 -- Choose and buy your underwear, intimate apparel, bra nicely and comfortably

Choose the underwear or intimate wear nicely and one which is comfortable. For women, even though when they are not pregnant, they like to feel good inside and out, underwear, bras and lingerie should be comfortable and you should like them. You should buy them as you grow bigger as your belly size will change so don't buy all at once.

Buy also maternity bra as you grow bigger, for a starter, buy three maternity bra, and then as months passed by and your size increase buy again another one, if you are planning to breastfed later, then you can buy nursing bras which you can use while you are pregnant. Same holds true with underwear, you should also buy as time goes by, monitoring your waistline size. Personally, I like to be comfortable when I am pregnant so I don't like to wear what I normally wear when I am not pregnant like things or bikini, there are maternity underwear to choose from. The importance of buying a nice maternity bra is good because you can flaunt your curves and breasts as women who are pregnant will experience an enlarged breasts.

Wearing a belly belt or maternity support is also good specially when you wear maternity pants as it will support your belly plus it will accentuate it in a nice way.

What to Wear When You Are Pregnant : 5 Best Fashion Maternity Tip 3 -- Maternity pants that are comfortable at the waistline and with a slimming color is good. Black is always preferred but you can choose from other color like lighter ones,

I like to wear maternity pants, but I buy one at a time monitoring my waistline,I prefer also black color as it can go with any maternity blouse you want, plus black makes you a little bit smaller. But you cant wear black all the time, it is boring and as it is not a cheerful color when you are pregnant. I like the idea of color therapy where I prefer light colored clothes when you are pregnant, easy on the eye and make you glow more. But a black pants is a must for me, every pregnant woman should have a black maternity pants, one which you feel comfortable with. Black pants can go with every color of blouses that you will wear.

What to Wear When You Are Pregnant : 5 Best Fashion Maternity Tip 4 -- Concealer, scarf and other accessories are also good to cover dark spots on the neck or face

If you have spotting or other skin problems during pregnancy, this is due to hormones and usually they will be gone once you give birth. You can wear scarf to cover the dark spots in your neck. Skin care during pregnancy using chemicals which can be harmful should be avoided, Read my hubs about this if you like. here -- Are Chemical Peels for Skin Care Safe For Pregnant Women?. You can also use concealer which can do wonders in your neck and face, anyway your skin will be glowing when you are pregnant, just be sure to eat lots of fruits and drink plenty of water and milk.

Buy maternity clothes which you can pair with a black blazer for example specially if the skin in your armpit darkens due to hormones. Some women are comfortable with sleeveless while others are not.

What to Wear When You Are Pregnant : 5 Best Fashion Maternity Tip 5 -- Maternity dresses should be bought as you go along with pregnancy, lighter colors are the best because it is comfortable and it soothes the eyes. Depending on the weather, choose the thickness of your maternity dress. If it is too hot, then wear lighter ones as it feels hotter when you are pregnant, but in the winter and autumn when the weather is cooler, a thicker maternity wear are preferred of course.

Some More Tips on What to Wear When You Are Pregnant

  1. Buy maternity clothes and dresses as you go along with your pregnancy because you will never know your size after a month, that being said, it doesn't mean that you will buy those overflowing maternity dresses once so that it fits all you will look like flab if your clothes are over sized, maternity clothes should hugged your body.
  2. Pair a maternity hugging blouse with a loose maternity pants or vice versa, don't pair all loose clothes together, you will look like hanger on.
  3. Since pregnant women's breast increase by one size during pregnancy (at the most) why not flaunt it, as long as you are comfortable with it. (smile)
  4. Again look at the weather and time of the year wear maternity clothes according to weather condition, during summer season, maternity clothes that are not think are preferred and this opposite during wintertime.


Conclusion : When choosing what to wear when you are pregnant you can be stylish and not sacrificing comfortability. Always wear clothes with your smile, confidence and capitalized on your new curves and flaunt it, why not?


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