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What to do after the flu/cold is over?

Updated on February 1, 2012
Guard the bed
Guard the bed | Source

Very often in winter we are entangled in a devil's circle.

The problem is, that seasonal Flu does not give you immunity to a pandemic Flu. And very often, the common cold will also kick in, just because it can.

The pandemic Flu is often very aggressive new mutation that goes wild. If you don't want another onset of Influenza that will make you guard the bed at home, you need to prepare.

The most important step is to restore your body to your pre-illness state quickly.


It needs to be rich but not too heavy on the heart, stomach and intestines.

  • Light meats like poultry and fish (preferably steamed or baked slowly)
  • Bullions and soups taken hot to increase your metabolic rate.
  • Dairy in all forms if you are not allergic.
  • Porridge and cereals.

  • Fruits and vegetables in all forms. If you can't tolerate the whole fruit - take freshly squeezed juice. Only avoid Grapefruit, because it is strong natural antibiotic and you can ruin the effect of other medicine you've been taking for the illness.
  • Honey, royal jelly and propolis -either natural or in a prepared form (liquids, pills and candies).


After a flu or cold, every person that laid ill on the bed is naturally stiff and immobilized. Because of this you need to increase walking outside in fresh air and open sky.

Start slow and increase at your comfort pace, without risking breathlesness and palpitations. When you feel ready, take a hike in the park or the mountain when the weather allows it.

1-2 weeks after the heavy Influenza illness you need to be able to take your daily errands without problem. In case you still feel fatigue and can't tolerate normal pace - consult your physician. Complications are common and you need them ruled out.

Walk the Park Walk.
Walk the Park Walk. | Source


Very often after taking antibiotic or antiviral drugs, the chronic stomach and intestine problems will show themselves.

It is common to have gastric pain, ulcers, gallbladder pain and other even less pleasant. Be very vigilant about what you eat and how much. If pain don't go by casual means - seek medical attention.

Casual means are the over the counter drugs like digestives and antacids.
If there is persistent dry cough for more than 3 days you may have developed Pneumonia.

Pneumonia is not a joke. It is a life threatening condition that needs to be cured fast.

There can also be complication on underlying heart problem leading to blood pressure variations. It is very important to start having walks outside after you feel well enough. Heart muscle will get in good shape faster. Keep the temperature in the room in the range 18-20 degrees Celsium (normally you need the air to be 1/2 of the body temeperature to feel comfortable).

And your


is the most important body organ. If you manage to cure your spirit, rest of your body will follow.

  1. Telling yourself "how ill you are" will not help.
  2. Tell yourself "I feel better" and have a good long walk.
  3. Either in the nearby park or a mountain range beside the city you live at.
  4. Go to a mountain resort with a mineral hot water pool and swim until you feel better.
  5. Get an interesting book with you and go to a trip with a train.

You will be amazed how quickly the body heals after the spirit is cured.


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    • m0rd0r profile image

      Stoill Barzakov 6 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Thanks Tarajeyaram, It is always good to try to help the others get better.

    • tarajeyaram profile image

      tarajeyaram 6 years ago from Wonderland

      I really like your hub - especially the spirit the most important. Thank you for writing this hub. Stomach or bowel problems may be present because the natural flora might have been killed by the antibiotics. Opportunist organisms start to take over. Voted up, useful and SHARING.