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Whatever You Imagine It to Be Is What It Is

Updated on October 20, 2017
Virginia Lea profile image

It is what it is. As long as you live for today then yesterday and tomorrow do not matter.

The greatest power we obtain is the ability to make a decesion. We choose our own destiny.

It is a rare occurrence to hear me say that something is impossible to accomplish, that should only be said when the task at hand is physically impractical. If I allow degrading words to float around then I have failed before having begun. Nothing is impossible unless it is. I have learned the secret to success, and it can be available for anyone if given a little work and dedication. Anything can be done within the realm of reason. If it can be visualized, then it can be done, the brain does not know the difference. Mind over matter is an ever-present ability that is growing within the general population. More and more people are understanding the true power of intellect and starting to take advantage of it. But there is a silver lining between possible and impossible. Not everything can be achieved simply by thought alone, but anything can be done if the proper steps are taken. The problem lies with impatience, lack of persistence and giving into the idea that our thoughts have no control over our future.

Let's be real here, if I were to say that I really want green eyes even though I have blue, the color of my eyes will not change simply because I want it bad enough. I can visualize green eyes all day but once I look in the mirror, my eyes are in fact still blue. We all know it does not work that way. We cannot change the outcome of an uncontrollable event, and it takes skill to be able to understand that. But, you can however change the outcome of almost any event, with the way you think and react. You may be thinking, “Well of course I am unable to control an uncontrollable event.” You will be amazed at the number of individuals who do not comprehend this simple statement. We are not talking about changing what happens around us, but altering a belief can be the difference between joy and misery. Everything has an instruction manual; some people choose to take the time to read it, while others try to do it on their own and end up failing. You are who you think you are and that is how powerful the mind is. But I will not beat a dead horse here, everyone should know that and if not then they will find out soon enough.

We are talking about pure emotion. No one likes to feel depressed, sad, angry, hurt or ashamed, but most of us settle with the feelings of worthlessness and self-pity, for what reason? There are those who sit back and take the pain because they think that what they want is impossible and out of their reach. They have been beaten into submission and begin to believe the lies that negative emotions have altered them to think. They get comfortable with the monotony because they do not think their goals are attainable, so they do not even try. They are not at fault, they have not yet reached the level of intelligence that you and I have gotten to and that is ok. They do not grasp the fact that a set goal could be attained. We have all been there. All they need is a desire for change and the path will become clear for them. But it will not happen being pinned in the depths of doubt. Sometimes it will come without warning and other times we will know exactly when it happens.

If we have the idea that we cannot do it then we have chosen to fail. If we do not believe we will accomplish a task then we have already given up. Most would say that fear is not of what is seen, but of what is yet to come. Fear is just an emotion, a state of mind; it is an intense slap in the face to let us know that we need to fleet or start fighting, we often resort to running away. Most would agree that once facing said fear, we will be appalled that we were ever afraid in the first place. But that is only spoken for fear. What about being engulfed with depression, shame or sorrow? Being stuck in a severe state of distress, the mind is driven to isolate and become stationary. There is an automatic thought associated with each negative emotion as well as an instinctive behavior attached to it. Letting that happen is when we become a casualty to the twisted outcome. We think that doing such will make us feel better, but this is where the fight comes into play. Insanity sets in and we wonder why we have been suffering. We must break the cycle and not accept the lies that we are told. Negative emotions keep us blind so we become so docile that we are completely unaware that we are no longer in control. Anguish makes us feel that everything is out of reach and giving up is the only option. The will to live is lost and we begin to settle for mediocre. We continue to torture ourselves because the depression has convinced us that all hope is lost. If we allow the darkness to take the driver’s seat then we will fall victim to manipulation thinking that we are fine, while we are diving into the depths of agony.

Ok so we already know that if we want something bad enough we will gain some patience to make it happen, so what about when challenges start to make it difficult? This will always happen, we cannot get away from it. It can only be avoided for a short period of time until it gets worse and hits us between the eyes. Negative emotions are like cockroaches, there are always many more to follow one. You may be able to kill one or maybe two, but if you do not find out what brought them around in the first place and get rid of it then they are guaranteed to come back. Finding the source of a pessimistic view could dissolve the opinion entirely. Those negative emotions enjoy tagging into the race and making every hurdle as high as possible. But the one who carries the technique will be able to breeze over every obstacle. What is this secret method you ask? Well I cannot tell you that, only you know what works for you. Not the answer you wanted to hear? The solution is different for everyone, there is no one size fits all, but I bet you already knew that and did not want to own up to it. When we are faced with challenges the negative emotions creep in and tell us that we are not worth the fight. So, we give up. But what happens when we ignore this voice and keep going? Nothing is impossible until you allow yourself to believe that it is. As mentioned above, failure to remove the blindfold is a slow and painful suicide. A raging fire always starts with a small flame, if not extinguished properly it feeds on anything it can and grows wild and untamed. Like a house fire, telling yourself that you cannot do something is like throwing gasoline onto a small flame and watching it as it melts away your prized possessions.

So, what will your decision be? The choice is yours. Giving into negative thoughts makes you impaired. Fear will leave you crippled. You can do whatever you want and no dream is too far out of reach. Do not let the lies become your reality. Be who you want to be. Make it happen.


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    • profile image

      Michelle Gawronski 

      10 months ago

      Very insightful! Keep up the great work.


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