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What is Tonsillitis

Updated on July 25, 2016

Tonsillitis is a disease well known Westerners. It affects millions each year. Usually attributed to a "chill", it is relatively common in winter, especially in children, although it can also occur at any other time of the year and affect adults.

The term angina is most often used although pharyngitis or tonsillitis terms are more telling, as the anatomy of the throat shows. They respectively designate an inflammation (itis) of the pharynx and tonsils. In all cases, there is an inflammation of the throat having an infectious origin.

Causes of tonsillitis

We distinguish viral tonsillitis from bacterial tonsillitis. If viral sore throats are treated symptomatically for reducing throat pain and fever, bacterial tonsillitis often require appropriate antibiotic treatment. The duration of angina does not exceed ten days except in the case of chronic tonsillitis.

The different types of angina

The red and white angina are the best known, but a number of less frequent tonsillitis also exist, such as:

=> ulcerative tonsillitis with necrotizing ulcerative angina and angina Vincent.

=> vesicular tonsillitis with herpes angina and herpangina.

=> pseudo-membranous angina with infectious mononucleosis (monocytic angina) and diphtheria.

Complications of angina

Serious complications, however rare, may occur in some specific cases. This is the case with peritonsillar abscess and caseous tonsillitis. But also with other complications such as glomerulonephritis, rheumatic fever or erythema nodosum (red nodules on the limbs).

Tonsillitis: treatments

Treatment with antibiotics and tonsillectomy are not the only ones that can take charge of tonsillitis. Indeed, many other approaches propose to naturally treat angina such as:

=> homeopathy with granules, trace elements and the treatment of the land;

=> naturopathy with dietary advice and the use of clay;

=> acupuncture with energy conception;

=> essential oils with key remedies and preparations to realize oneself;

=> the biological decoding of diseases with emotional understanding of symptoms;

=> osteopathy with comprehensive care.

Many grandmother remedies also exist and can effectively help treat angina naturally and non-invasively.


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