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What's with Children Lately?

Updated on July 13, 2013
Happy Children Enjoying a Good Book.
Happy Children Enjoying a Good Book.

What's with Children Lately?

Of course, they are taller and have more girth then we did. Most of us contribute that extra height and weight to the hormone shots injected into the food we eat, and of course the food supplements. But, have you really paid attention to what they are doing? I am a people watcher of sorts and have yet to see any child without some form of electronic devise. Children walk around not looking where they are going while talking on the cell, listening to music, playing on their I-Pods, etc. Nothing is wrong with this of course, and I am glad that they have cell phones to call for help if they need it. But is this really okay?

As a social worker, there was nothing sadder than when I went into a home where a baby was stuck in the crib so long that the back of his head was being shaped flat, or watching a toddler who was stuck in a playpen unable to get up because his little legs couldn’t hold him up. The common excuse I heard was that “they were safer out of the way”. Of course I dealt with 3%-15% of the population, but it denotes an unhealthy trend, and the pushing or putting children out of the way doesn’t stop when they are small.

So what’s happening with “kids” today? Mom and dad are both working hard to make “peanuts” some holding more than one job, because times are tough. They come home tired and grouchy. They push junior away not needing any more stress. They feel bad about ignoring junior so purchase junior electronic babysitters or pals to keep junior occupied. Thus, children grow up without adult supervision, lacking human touch, and have limited physical exercise.

I remember when we kids got home from school, dad would be outside tossing the ball through the hoop with us, tossing baseballs so we could hit the ball and run the bases, or playing touch football with us while we waited for mom to get the dinner finished. Perhaps only 30 minutes a day, but a good 30 minutes. Too bad this parenting has become almost extinct. Bravo for the “soccer mom” and the “coach dad” who keep the “old fashion” traditional family activities alive, but they are the great exceptions.

Many children today grow up with “low self esteem” because they have essentially been bought off. Love does not come in an allowance of $100.00, or with new spiffy technological gizmos. Love comes from the heart. Technology, although fantastic, is a poor trade for wholesome and healthy family activities.

The Department of Education is attempting to help resolve the National Over Weight Crisis by increasing physical activity and cutting down cafeteria menu carbohydrates. But, schools cannot resolve the problem alone. Parents need to step up to the plate and get personally involved with their children, spending some one-on-one time. Family night even once a week would help build positive emotional growth for your children. It is never too late to start a group exercise program. Exercise equipment sitting idle in the home because someone doesn’t want to exercise alone is not the answer. Children start out modeling their parents. Spending just 30 minutes a day three times a week with your children in a one-to-one physical exercising activity isn’t too much to expect. Plus, that precious 30 minutes of one-on-one time might help your children grow physically stronger, and have the mental confidence to rebuff gangs, drugs and other unhealthy ploys to pull them astray.


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  • angela_michelle profile image

    Angela Michelle Schultz 8 years ago from United States

    There's some real truth to this!