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When Should I Start Gym

Updated on November 24, 2015

Plan It Out

When you’re going to the gym, know what exercise you’re going to do even before you put on your . If it helps, write down a workout plan so that you don’t suffer decision fatigue at crunch time or wasting your time. Use that mental effort to focus on getting the most out of your training.

Know Your Workout

Get familiar with the gear and the different drills you can do. Know the functions of the machines, which muscles are being worked, how the machines condition your muscles, and the workout variations you can get from each machine to maximize benefits.

Test Your Limits

Always know how many push-ups you can do, how long you can run at full speed without stopping, or how much weight you can lift. Constantly monitor your workouts against these numbers, and as time goes by, aim to surpass these benchmarks and raise the bar higher.

Dare Yourself

If you don’t test yourself, you’ll never get better. Don’t kill yourself trying to set impossible standards. Create realistic, measurable goals that force you to push yourself harder. If yesterday you ran for 20 minutes without stopping, try to hit 25 minutes today, and in 2 days, up that number to 30 minutes. Look to make little improvements and best of all, revel in joy of conquering your own challenge.

Keep It Positive

Sometimes you might be a little tired or stressed out from a long day and so you might not be able to kill a workout like you usually do. Or maybe you haven’t been able to lift more than your current max. Maybe you haven’t been shedding the kilos like you expected to. Don’t worry about it! The key to a fit life is to keep positive and keep working at whatever you’re doing. Soon enough, you’ll breakthrough the plateau and get to where you want to go.

Eyes Up Front

Obvious distractions like unnecessary chit chat and checking out the cute guy flexing at the far end will knock you out of the zone. As for non-obvious distractions like letting your mind wander, it’s also something that needs to be controlled. It might be tough but learning to keep your mind focused will soon become second nature. Concentrating on your posture and breathing and keeping the momentum and rhythm of your movements are some ways of keeping your mind from running away with the fairies.

Take It Easy

There will be some days when the zone becomes completely inaccessible no matter what music you listen to or how pumped you are. Even the pros have off-days too, so this could be yours. Cut yourself some slack, do what you can and then head home and rest up. Tomorrow is always a new day!

So how do you know if you are ready for the gym or not? Try to start out with some home workouts, and if you are discipline enough to not cheat, you are READY TO GO!


Here are some High Intensity Interval Trainings you may start out with. You may start out with 12 reps, 3 sets for each work out.

Side-leg bounding

Lift your right knee and leap off your left leg. Go as high as possible. Your movements should seem like you’re gliding through the air.


Plank Drag

Set up 2 towels with 20 meters apart. Start a plank with your touch touching one towel. Next, engage your core by dragging your toes towards your hands, and then walk your hands out towards the other towel. Work like a caterpillar.


Side Shuffle

Face one direction and shuffle laterally from one towel to the other.


Inchworm push-ups

Bend over at the waist until your hands touch the floors, then hand walk away from your feet until you are in a plank position. Do one push up, then walk you feet towards your hands and repeat.


Lateral Plank

Get into the side plank position, hands underneath your shoulders with your body in a straight line. Then pop a push up & hold for 60 seconds. Then change sides.


Lunge Jumps

Get into the lunge position and use your core and quads to jump straight up. Switch your legs in mid-air. Repeat.


Twisting Mountain Climber

From an initial plank position, bring one knee to the opposite elbow. Make sure your knee touches your elbow. Switch legs.


180 degree jump squats

Squat, touch the ground, and jump 180 degree clockwise. Repeat by jumping counter-clockwise. 2 jumps make 1 rep


Down Dog Push Ups

Start in the downward dog position. Walk with your hands to form a plank, do a push-up, then hand walk back into the initial position


Shuttle sprints

Sprint from one towel to the other (this makes 1 length). Go back and forth to hit 10 lengths, and you’re set!

Challenge Yourself!

So, are you ready to enroll the gym now ?

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