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When do I go to the chiropractor?

Updated on November 5, 2009

Do I need to be in Pain?


When should I go to a chiropractor?

When do you go to a chiropractor? Is it best when you are in pain? Can I go when I am feeling unwell? What about a check up? Can I go when I don't have any problems?

These are important questions and hopefully I can try to answer these for you.

Should I go to the chiropractor when I am in pain?

This is a resounding yes. Quite often an adjustment can release the muscles, and joints that may be causing the problem. Release of these structures and restoration of a properly functioning nervous system in most cases will help east your pain. The chiropractor may also suggest some adjunctive treatment for you to do at home, "homework" if you like. This may consist of either hot or cold therapy, along with specific exercises or instructions to help minimise your pain.

If however your are in so much pain that you are unable to get into the car to get to your chiropractor consider contacting them first to see if they can come to you or provide some information which may help you at home so you are then able to come into the clinic. You don't want to do more damage getting to your chiropractor than you would otherwise cause.

Should I go to the chiropractor when I am feeling unwell?

How you are feeling is not necessarily a true picture of your health. You may have eaten some dodgy prawns and therefore feel really unwell however, you body is functioning quite well as it is getting rid of a toxin. Likewise you may be feeling great and yet may have an underlying problem. How often do you hear someone exclaim "I'm feeling great" but then found they had some undetected problem.

If you are feeling unwell, this means that something may not be working as well as it should. For instance if you are prone to colds it may be that your immune system is not functioning as well as it should. Decreased immunity makes you more susceptible to viruses and illness. As it is your nervous system that controls every cell in your body, including your immunity it makes sense to keep it in tip top condition when you have a cold or feeling unwell. It may foreshorten the illness, get you back on your feet and back to your lifestyle faster.

Should I go for a check-up?

Do you take your car for a check up, an MOT? Well you have to if it is over a certain age. So why does your car get a check up but not you? What about your teeth? We all know that we should regularly have our teeth checked. So what about the rest of you? What about your spine? Your nervous system runs through your spine. It is your nervous system that controls every cell of your body. So why not give your body a MOT once in awhile.

I don't have any problems, why should I go and see the chiropractor?

How you are feeling doesn't necessarily mean that you don't have any problems. You may not be feeling any symptoms but how do you know that underlying problems are not there. In the same way a car mechanic may find an underlying problem your chiropractor should be able to ascertain as to whether you are "running on al cylinders".

Can I adjust myself?

It is very difficult to self diagnose. Although you might be able to make your back crack and feel better you may actually be causing more harm. The joints that move easily will be the first to move, and the poorly moving joints may just become tighter and cause more problems. Chiropractors need to see other chiropractors to be adjusted and stay healthy.

To stay fit and healthy, ring your chiropractor, have that check up and make sure you are in tip top condition.


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    • restrelax profile image

      restrelax 6 years ago from Los angeles CA

      It makes sense to keep it in tip top condition when you have a cold or feeling unwell

    • restrelax profile image

      restrelax 6 years ago from Los angeles CA

      Nice hub. Very helpful for me.

    • backchat profile image

      Lara Cawthra 8 years ago from Camberley, Surrey

      NICE (the National Institute of Clinical Excellence) has just recommended that GP's refer to chiropractors, acupunture and/or osteopathy for the treatment of perisitent low back pain. This means that a GP can refer to one of the above practioners uner the NHS.

      The recommendations, aimed at GPs, include:

      Provide people with advice and information to promote self-management of their low back pain. Consider offering a course of manual therapy including spinal manipulation of up to 9 sessions over up to 12 weeks Consider offering a course of acupuncture needling comprising up to 10 sessions over a period of up to 12 weeks Consider offering a structured exercise programme tailored to the individual. If the first option is unsuccessful consider offering one of the other above options. When choosing a therapy consider the patient's expectations and preferences

      You might like to read my hub on this hyyp:// which includes a link to the full guidelines.

      Hope the above is helpful

    • Stickyfoot profile image

      Stickyfoot 8 years ago

      Thank you for responding! It's always fun to learn something new. Any updates on whether chiropractic is covered by the NHS? With all the news about a public health option here in the States it would be interesting to hear how that works on the other side of the pond.

    • backchat profile image

      Lara Cawthra 8 years ago from Camberley, Surrey

      HI Stickyfoot,

      "MOT" in England you have to get your car checked over by an authorised mechanic once a year to make sure it is road worthy. Not sure what you call it in the states, in Australia it used to be called a pink slip.

    • Stickyfoot profile image

      Stickyfoot 8 years ago

      I just wrote a hub about going to the chiropractic clinic, and after writing that and reading your hub I think I'm going to make an appointment! By the way, what is MOT?


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