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When the Law of Attraction Doesn't Work

Updated on December 13, 2018
EvieSparkes profile image

Evie is a published author and a law of attraction enthusiast. Wishful Thinking is out now.

Why You Aren't Able to Manifest The Big Things

If you're struggling to bring things into your reality, it's simply because you are trying too hard.

You might have been led to believe that in order to change things, or bring things into your current reality you have to focus, focus and focus some more. Not so. In-fact, too much focus is a bad thing.

The only time focus is good is when you are relaxed about the situation and are able to accept that it isn't in your reality just now, but it doesn't matter.

But I Want My manifestation to Appear Today

Extremely unlikely. It wouldn't be, not if you weren't bothered if it came today or not. The thing is, you do care. Very much as it goes. It's very hard not to care about things that are important to us. I know, I've been there.

Can you Attract A Specific Person?

Somebody asked me this question the other day. Yes of course. You can bring anything or anyone into your reality.

I thought about a guy I hadn't seen in a few years a while back, nothing much, just for a minute or so because a friend reminded me of an incident in our teenage years. Forward two hours and we drove towards each other on a quiet country road! Don't try and tell me that as a coincidence!

Don't Try to Heal a Broken Heart

I can't stop you, but obsessing about getting your ex back with LOA is a slippery slope into insanity. In most cases you won't be able to let go or accept your current situation. You can do it if you can relax about it for sure. If you are determined to try then it's best to wait until you are not so raw. Let things settle down and go about your life.


How to Let go to Manifest

As I've said in previous posts. Letting go is not easy. I prefer to think of it as acceptance of my current situation. I find it way easier to accept that as an idea. Who wants to let go of things they really want?

You can still think about your desire of course. You don't have to block it out entirely. That's the thing that a lot of people get stuck on. They obsess about blocking it out and get frustrated when they can't. This in turn leads to more and more of the same.

If you are feeling frustration that's why you aren't able to get what you want. If you are putting caveats on your desire, if you are pushing to make it happen, all of these things will stop your manifestation from appearing.


Because they create a block. It's like you are enforcing the idea of lack, not having, never going to happen. So guess what? It's never going to happen.

But I Can't Accept My Current Situation

You have to. Accepting means allowing good things to come. They can get to you, there's space for them. You are opening the door wide open. How can they not come in? It's warm and cosy inside and they have been trying to get in for days, months, even years.

You can apply all manner of techniques shown to you by experts but it won't make a scrap of difference. These guys have it down. They make it work for them because they already practise the art of acceptance, even if they don't realise it.

It's a journey, I accept that. I wanted to write adult fiction, I was not budging. There was nothing that would have convinced me that there might be another path for me. One day I thought stuff it. This is never going to happen, not this side of fifty anyway!

I'd say not more than a week later I had a strong urge to write a YA story. I wasn't sure why and I only intended to do it for fun. It took me a month to write. I was all ready to file it away under 'fun but not my path' when somebody of influence read it and told me I must publish it. Really? I thought.

I can't quite remember all the stuff that happened in-between. But here I am with an editor, an illustrator, and lots of sales. I've just started to sell copies overseas too. I have some great ratings and actually, I love writing for teens. Would this notion have come to me if I hadn't let go of the whole adult fiction obsession? I don't think so.

Inspiration hits me all the time. Now when I want something, I put out my intention and know that it will happen in some form or other without any stress or worry to me.

How to Reach a Point of Acceptance

You really can do it I promise. If I can, then you most definitely can. I was the most 'I want it right now' person I knew. Now I'm just not. But I have to be honest, it takes work. You need to put in the groundwork in order to get to that point.

Practise by telling yourself you can accept the now, you can do this. Tell yourself as often as you like, that you can manifest anything you want because you are magic!


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