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Where Does The Fat Go When You Lose Weight

Updated on January 23, 2014

The answer for this question lies within human biology.

There are two ways fat can escape the body:
1. Blood stream
2. Lymphatic system

1. Lets say you've decided to go on a weight loss program that works through the activation of your natural mechanism, utilizing fat reserves for energy.
Such programs would be:
a. Didra - Postpartum Weight Loss
b. Hcg weight loss
c. Exercise
Your hypothalamus will then command your fat reserves to release fat cells for energy. In this event, the fat cells will be transferred into the blood stream and broken down to nutrients and energy. Those nutrients will be delivered to every cell within your body and they will be utilized.

2. Another way fat cells can leave our body is when we break them. Imagine fat cells as bubbles full of liquid.
Here are examples of the procedures that collapses fat cells:
a. Mesotherapy
b. Cold laser (Zerona, i-Lipo)
In the event of such therapy, fat cells will collapse and liquid from the inside of the fat cell will leaks out into an intracellular space where the lymphatic system will drain it down. Together with all other waste, it goes to your colon or the surface of the skin and will get extracted out of the body.


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  • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

    DeBorrah K Ogans 5 years ago

    Alex-Zander, Great educational, informative and concise hub on where does fat go. Thank You for sharing, Peace & Blessings!

  • Alex-Zander profile image

    Alex-Zander 5 years ago from Florida

    You spot on Aley.

    Burning fat means use it for energy. kind of like burning food in the fire but here the fat is used as a source of energy.

  • Aley Ross profile image

    Aley Ross 5 years ago

    Wow, that's some knowledge of human biology, very impressed. Thanks Alex.

    So, when they say: "Burn it off", I would assume that is when fat cells go through the blood stream and get broken down to whatever it is... right?

  • fastfreta profile image

    Alfreta Sailor 5 years ago from Southern California

    This is a great answer. I've heard other theories, but it didn't satisfy me, but this one did. Thank you Alex Zander. The entire article was spot on. Voted up, useful, awesome and interesting. I even pinned it.