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Where To Buy Weighted Hula Hoops - Great Exercise Fun For All The Family

Updated on March 22, 2012

Searching for where to buy weighted hula hoops? Well, you have come to the right place.

Hula hooping is now a huge fitness craze with lots of health benefits, & it's also a fun activity for all the family. The great thing is that your favouite hoops are on sale from time to time.

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Where To Buy Weighted Hoola Hoops
Where To Buy Weighted Hoola Hoops | Source

Exercising With A Hoop

Fun forms of exercising are becoming more popular to both lose weight and inches plus tone your muscles too, hooping is perfect for this. As your body moves to keep the hoop on your hips it gives you a great cardio workout as well as building your core sterength.

Just purchase your hoop and get your body moving! For speedier results the weighted hula hoops work best and if you are a complete novice/beginner ideally start yourself off with a hoop that weighs 2 pounds.

It's really important to warm up before any form of exercise to prevent injury. A simple walk or jog up and down stairs is sufficient, though anything that gets your body warmer works well.

Begin with the hoop around your mid-section area, give it a quick twirl then move your hips gently round to keep up momentum to stop the hoop from falling. Start out with just a 5 minute workout and then over the coming weeks and months build up both the duration and different hula exercises.

The great thing about hooping is you can join classes, use dvd's at home and use music for both fun and motivation! Yes, it's as simple as that so enjoy!

The Egyptians (who started the hula hoop craze) and those from the 1960's and 70's would no longer recognise the modern hoops of today. Having said that it still remains a hugely popular toy and without doubt one of the most inexpensive and time flexible ways to lose weight and keep fit today. Slot it in pockets of time easliy around your busy daily schedule.

Modern Day Hula Hoops

Instead of it being a teenage craze of yester year hooping is now used by all age groups. You will find local hoop classes, which are a great social get together. On my recent visit to Los Angeles I saw groups of people having great fun hooping in the Venice Beach area in the sunshine. So you can use this exercise form both indoors and out, especially now as they come in an easy to assemble kit form.

Hula Hoop Options:

- LED lights

- Clear tubing

- Ribbon

- Sounds

- Coloured tape

- Weighted

- Tubing with balls, liquid and balls inside

- Portable easy self assembly kit form

- Different colours and styles

It's easy to see why hula hooping has made a revival as great fun can be had by yourself, with family/friends or as an addition to your weight loss or fitness regime. Try it you might like it!

Where To Buy Weighted Hula Hoops Video

Lose Weight & Inches With Hula Hoops & Have Fun Doing It!

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