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Science of run-walk method

Updated on October 26, 2012

Running Daily or HIIT?

What is a run-walk method?

Run-walk is superior at burning fat than HIIT. HIIT is not as good at burning fat, but is better for sports specific applications, some websites also claim that it is nine times more effective in burning fat than low pace cardio

Now I dont know about THAT! Seems like a little far fetched to me... much like we'd expect from an advertisement trying to sell you on something. HIIT is better at burning fat than traditional slow paced cardio, but I wouldn't say its 9 times better. Think about it... if traditional cardio burned 100 calories of fat, that would mean HIIT could burn 900 calories of fat. You'd practically disappear in 2 day of HIIT, which one do u think is better?? HIIT or Run-walk??

Run-walk is better for burning fat. HIIT is better for conditioning you to run fast, then run slow. Sports like soccer or basketball may require something similar to this, 30 minutes of HIIT is superior at burning fat than 30 minutes of traditional cardio.1 hour 30 minutes of HIIT is inferior at burning fat than 1 hour 30 minutes of traditional cardio

Yes, its too big... I was trying to illustrate a point, but I guess I should have been more clear.HIIT is better than traditional cardio done for a short duration. 30 minutes of HIIT can burn more fat than 30 minutes of traditional treadmill work. However, super long bouts of treadmill work that last around 90 minutes are far superior at burning hard-to-reach fat stores. The problem of course is that this much cardio is extremely catabolic and strength/power-reducing, and takes a greater amount of time. Thats the advantage of Run-walk and HIIT - they're shorter in duration, non-muscle wasting, and still burn a comparable level of fat.

Please visit 2 useful abcbodybuilding links in the link section below for finding out the scientific documentation and rationale behind the run-walk method.

What would you prefer run walk or high-intensity interval training?

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    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 9 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Yes I found these links many months back on some internet bodybuilding forum and shared these over here at hubpages. Thanks.

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      howto increasever 9 years ago

      Thanks for the such a useful andgreat Hub! I found a lot of stuffs in this site...