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Where is the human caring in the health care debate?

Updated on October 17, 2009

I do not understand people’s resistance to health care

Are we that cruel of a society that we would not help people in need. And why else would anyone go to a doctor or go to a hospital, they are in pain or there life is threatened in some way. We have taken the human factor out of this debate In a country as rich as we are that we would not help people who are in need is just beyond my comprehension.

And lets face it, the health system as we know it does not work, I’m sure being a doctor was a noble profession at one time, but today I have little respect for people who pursue that career, I’m sure at one time doctors were paid just like any other skilled professional, a carpenter or mechanic, but because someone was in pain, a few unsavory individuals started to charge more and more to help people in crisis, and somehow that became the norm, and now there is so much waste and corruption in the medical profession, I look at most doctors with contempt. And this is what we want to protect and save.

It is time to change the whole structure, to go to a single payer system, to take the waste and corruption and profit out of people’s pain and people who are in need.

And there is so much waste, it is no wonder that we spend ten times what other countries spend and get one quarter of the care needed. Let’s take a simple example of medical waste, about 5 years ago I was diagnosed with  sleep apnea, which means I stopped breathing about 200 time at night and need a bipap  machine to help me breath so I don’t die. Fine I had health insurance, they gave me a nice little machine, and I didn’t worry about it, Then my insurance started to cut costs, they increased my deductable, and I started having to pay 100 dollars a month to rent the machine, and that was only half the original bill. And so I started to look for an alternative. I eventually found a used machine online for a couple of hundred dollars, and so for the price of one months rent, I purchased a machine that has lasted me for 3 years and still going strong. But the waste, my insurance company was spending, Now here is a machine that I will need for pretty much the rest of my life, if I bought it new, it would cost me close to $1000 dollars, but the insurance company would rather rent for close to $300 a month, and lets say the machine last for only 5 years, someone is making one thousand and 500 percent profit off that one machine, how many medical devices are out there that people are just raking in the bucks?

We need to take the profit out of peoples suffering, or at least bring it down to 10 or 14 percent not thousands percent profit. And the only way to do that is scrap he whole system and start over. Just because to many people have been making too much money for too long a time doesn’t mean we can’t change, we can!

What do you think?


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    • livingsta profile image

      livingsta 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Very well said Jerrybacik...these issues about doctors have been troubling my mind as well for almost 2 decades now....people who have to save human life become a threat to human life...if every human in this world becomes aware we can definitely change this