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White Noise-Calming The Inner Emotions With Sound

Updated on April 5, 2012
The soothing sounds produced by a gently rolling oceans waves can not only place one within a brief hypnotic state, but also can act to calm down the turmoil of the inner emotions that also comes in the form of stress.
The soothing sounds produced by a gently rolling oceans waves can not only place one within a brief hypnotic state, but also can act to calm down the turmoil of the inner emotions that also comes in the form of stress. | Source

A Electro-Mechanical White Noise Machine

White noise that is produced by a type  of sound machine, such as the one shown in the photo can not only help one get a good nights sleep, but white noise is useful in treating those individuals who suffer from mental health issues like Depression.
White noise that is produced by a type of sound machine, such as the one shown in the photo can not only help one get a good nights sleep, but white noise is useful in treating those individuals who suffer from mental health issues like Depression. | Source

Waterfalls-Yet Another Source For Captivating The Calming Effects Of Sound Through Noise Produced By Nature


There is not doubt that at least once or twice in the past you had visited an ocean beach-perhaps during one late afternoon or early evening hour on a warm mid-July summers day. And during your visit at that ocean shore you may have also recalled that other louder and distracting sounds had subsided into the oceans surf.

It was just you, the ocean and the shoreline gently licking the sandy surface that you sat upon in solitude. And beyond where you were seated you took further note that the rolling waves coming ashore, broke gently upon the shoreline just beyond your reach. In the distance you may have also caugh sight of a late day swollen sun, as it sank slowly into the oceans surface on the distanct horizon.

As you continued to sit on that ocean beach not taking note of any other sounds, or distractions, but that of the gently rolling waves crashing slowly upon the shore. In turn the throughts and other negative emotions that may have overwhelmed you during the past day or so, had slowly been taken out with the receding waves that were influenced by the oceans currents. Yes your worries and extreme negative emotions that you may had been previously experiencing suddenly vanished.

But how could this be? This may sound like a familiar scenario to some and if you had frequented the ocean over the past year, you may also have witnessed a similar hynotic effect while sitting upon a given ocean shoreline. You had soon begun to realize that through natures own forces by way of the ocean, helped to calm you. Those inner emotions that fuel your very soul for that short period of time, you listened intently to the ocean waves gently caressing the shoreline made you feel more totally relaxed and in tune with yourself then ever before.

No further explanation is really needed for how the combination of those elements...beach, surf and sand made you feel that mid-summers day. This so called therapy which in turn placed you in a state of medition was quite real in fact. And those soothing sounds of ocean waves rolling gently upon the shore, or even the sound of distant gulls and terns in the distance that you may have also witnessed, continued to captivate and soothe your inner emotions. And the good news is that a good thing does not have to end with a prior trip to the beach, to help you overcome prior negative thoughts or troubles that you may have been overwhelmed with.

Modern technology has given us the capabilities of imitating and producing a variety of calming hypnotic sounds of the oceans, waterfalls and even raindrops through what is better termed white noise. If you have heard of white noise, or are even somewhat familiar with the multiple sounds that can be captured by way of white noise, then you may be familiar with what is also referred to as Electro-Mechanical Machines.

White noise boxes or machines which they are commonly called by some, are also known to others as EMM machines, as previously mentioned. They are one in the same and the affect that they produce on the mind is equal in all respects. So as you can see you don't necessarily have to get in your car and drive down to the ocean to experience therapy through sound, that you received from listening to ocean waves crashing gently upon the shoreline, or even drive to a secluded area to listen to a babbling brook, as waters slowly give way to a thick green forest.

The beauty of white noise is that it is literally available to any and all indivduals who want to benefit through the therapeutic effects that it can give a person. All you have to do is pay a fee of between $25.00 to approximately $40.00, to own a piece of mother nature and not have to leave the comfort of your own home to reap from its benefits.

White noise boxes, or Electro-Mechanical machines can be easily purchased online at either Amazon or Ebay for example. There are many other home decorative stores and even a few electronic stores who carry the sound machines that white noise produce. These can be purchased in the way of an AM/FM Alarm clock radio, which also occasionally come with a white noise feature built within.

Some popular sounds that are produced through an alarm clock with a white noise feature employed, may be the sounds of a variety of birdlife, trickling raindrops, waterfalls, Oceans and of course the white noise itself which is the sound that a slow steady wind makes. Much like a constant type of whirring noise that a house fan produces.

Again the benefits of white noise and other similar therapeutic sounds are many and they are all worth having especially if you are an individual, or know of someone who suffers from certain forms of depression or is riddled with anxiety constantly-something that the stressors in society have encapsulated in a majority of us today.

It has been shown in various studies that white noise has a hypnotic effect on a three month old baby. White noise not only drowns out the irritating background noise that may prevent an infant from falling asleep soundly, but in turn may also help an infants parents get a good nights rest as well. So the benefit is two fold in that it serves to soothe the entire family-helping them to achieve the appropriate amount of rest each night in order to function fully the following day.

Further supporting evidence does indicate as briefly touched upon in the article, that white noise without a doubt, is effective therapy in combatting anxiety and depression related symptoms in many individuals who suffer from multiple issues that are associated with mental health.

I know a few individuals who require a little noise in the way of a fan, or even some type of electro-mechanical device, to produce enough noise, not only to help them fall asleep-but also to stay asleep during a given eight hour period. Possibly you know someone like this, or are even are an individual who has already benefitted, from the calming effects that white noise has had, in quieting those inner emotions.

If so, you are one who has found another route, or alternative solution in assisting you cope with everyday stress without resorting to the use of prescription medications, or possibly even avoiding paying a good deal of money out of pocket to a professional such as a Psychologist, or Psychiatrist. And if you have visited either one of these health care professionals lately, you may have also noticed that they may even have a noise box or two, in the form of white noise, or soothing oceans in a corner of their office waiting room.

Devices of this type, are often found in these offices and if you were wondering why a psychiatrist, or other mental health care provider has one or more of these devices in his or her office-you are not alone in wondering. In fact these unique sound machines serve two purposes. One is that they serve the same intended purpose that you seek to achieve through the calming effects of hypnotic noise therapy. And that is to help you relax and forget about the trouble that comes with each and every day.

Secondly the noise machines are placed in those offices for one very good reason. And this has to do with HIPPA laws and confidentiality concerns. In other words-so other patients waiting in turn to see the psychologist or psychiatrist you are in session with, does not overhear your business. After all what you discuss with your healthcare professional should go no further then in his or her office.

So that noise box in essence is drowning out all conversation, not intented to be heard by other foreign ears, so to speak. You could say the conversation between you and your doctor dissipates into the surrounding air about you. Almost like being shredded electronically by way of a paper shredding machine.

On the downside of white noise and other electro-mechanical devices is the fact that many annoying sound are always going to be present among us. And that is, there are also many individuals in the audience, maybe you're one of them, or know a person or two who cannot even stand to hear a pin drop. If this sounds like you then maybe the sound produced by way of white noise will not help you attain a good nights rest.

But if you look at it from the viewpoint that it could possibly save you from unnecessary trips to a mental health providers office; where more then likely you will be prescribed a medication for sleep, anxiety, or depression, that in the end will not only but make you feel groggy, but in addition give you other unpleasant side-effects to add.

And not to mention in the long run, will inevitalby cost you much more between the doctors visits and the medications, then a white noise box will cost you out of pocket for example. So it may certainly behoove many, to order one of these therapeutic sound machines, sooner then later and get back in touch with reality, through those soothing sounds that mother nature has given us all to enjoy. And that is by way of the calming effects of white noise.


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    • Jlbowden profile image

      James Bowden 5 years ago from Long Island, New York

      Hi Dan:

      Actually that form on meditation, Binaural beats is new to me. Never heard that word mentioned before,but thank you for that additional information. Will definitely Google it and you should definitely write an article about it when you get some down time. I am sure many will want to learn about that. Also thank you for your feedback on my article as well. Hope it helped you out in your quest for a more relaxing sleep.


    • Dan Barfield profile image

      Dan Barfield 5 years ago from Gloucestershire, England, UK

      Great article with some interesting information! Have you heard of binaural beats? It is something I've looked into for use during meditation. I often use the sound of waves or rainfall, but I also now use binaural beat sounds as well. You wear headphones and one frequency of sound goes in one ear, a different one in the other and the soundwaves interact inside your head to produce a third frequency which is the one you actually hear. I think I'm getting this right... it's complicated. Apparently specific binaural beats can cause your brain wave state to alter and it helps to induce meditative or trance states... pretty cool huh? I'm not explaining it well though. I'll write a hub about it some day maybe when I've done the research. :)

    • Jlbowden profile image

      James Bowden 5 years ago from Long Island, New York

      Au Fait:

      I am glad that you found my article on white noise helpful. There are many people who need a fan, as well as other noise, such as white noise to get a good nights sleep. I am one of those people who need background noise just like yourself. And I am sure there are many others out there in the audience who are also, or will be benefitting from the effects that white noise gives us. Thank you again for voting this article up.


    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 5 years ago from North Texas

      Great hub! Since I live in an often noisy apartment complex, I like white noise to block out the noise from outside so I can sleep.

      Voting you UP and useful! Sharing with my followers.

    • Jlbowden profile image

      James Bowden 5 years ago from Long Island, New York

      Hello victoria and glenn-glad you both found my article on white noise useful as well as interesting and thank you both for your feedback as well as votes.


    • Glenn Stok profile image

      Glenn Stok 5 years ago from Long Island, NY

      Lot's of useful information here. In addition to white noise being effective for combating anxiety and blocking sounds in a therapist's office, it is also helpful for some people suffering from tinnitus. The same items you listed can be used for that as well.

    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 5 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      Jl--I didn't know that white noise was good for combatting anxiety or depression! What I do know is that I use a fan every night. It's practical in the hot weather, but even in cold weather, I turn it away from me. I need the noise--can't stand total silence! Funny how people are. And if it helps me stay asleep--so be it! I may try other noises, like ocean sounds. Seems like I have such a think in an old alarm clock up in one of my closets. May have to check that out. Great hub. Well presented info. Voted up, interesting, useful. Thanks!

    • Jlbowden profile image

      James Bowden 5 years ago from Long Island, New York

      olde cashmere:

      I am glad that you enjoyed this hub and am benefitting from the soothing sounds that white noise is also bringing to your home. Thank you much for your comment and voting my article up as well.


    • profile image

      Olde Cashmere 5 years ago

      I enjoyed this hub because I can relate to it. I've always loved having some kind of white noise effect in the background, like a fan, or low level music. I'm liking the idea of bring the sounds of the ocean into my home. Excellent article, voted up and awesome.