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Whiten Your Teeth for a Dollar a Month with Hydrogen Peroxide

Updated on July 22, 2013

Relatively Unknown Tip for Whitening Teeth

Hydrogen peroxide, the kind in the brown bottle at the grocery store or pharmacy, is very inexpensive. It's usually a 2% or 3% strength, and is suitable for a number of disinfectant and bleaching purposes. However, it is NOT for internal use, so DON'T swallow it! The grocery/pharmacy versions contain stablizers which are not edible, although one of the recommended uses in the directions is to use it as a mouth rinse. A safer choice for mouth rinse, skin cleansing and teeth whitening is 1food grade hydrogen peroxide.

As a mouth rinse, it's one of the most inexpensive ways to whiten teeth. Simply put about a half to full teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in your mouth just before you get in the shower in the morning. Don't swish it around, just keep it at the front of your mouth, around your front teeth. Hydrogen Peroxide will foam as it sits in your mouth. Foaming is a result of it killing bacteria and releasing oxygen bubbles as it works. At the same time, it has a bleaching effect on your teeth. Spit out the foamy leftovers after about 5 minutes.

Don't keep hydrogen peroxide in your mouth for more than about 5 to 7 minutes at a time. It can cause oxidization of the tissues in your mouth and gums and leave them quite sore for a few days. You don't want to destroy tissues, you only want to freshen your breath and whiten your teeth.

You can do this just about every day or so when you shower. If you find that your mouth becomes a little sore, it means you're using it too frequently, or holding it in your mouth for too long. Simply cut back and adjust usage.

You will begin to see results of whiter teeth within two weeks—just about the same as any other teeth whitening product. Once you're satisfied with how white your teeth are, you can discontinue use. And, of course, you can use it again anytime as needed.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Must Be Diluted for Use

Food Grade Hyrdogen Peroxide is typically 35% strength. In order to use it for external and internal human use, it must be diluted to 25 to 35 strength. If used full 35% strength it will quickly destroy living tissues. When you purchase food grade hydrogen peroxide, it is usually recommended to store the full strength bottle in the freezer. Although it looks like water, it does not freeze. The cold storage temperature keeps peroxide stable so that inedible stabilizers found in grocery store and pharmacy grades are not necessary. 2How to dilute food grade hydrogen peroxide for external and internal human use is easy.

Other Possible Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

• Disinfects anything, including surfaces, kitchens, bathrooms, foods, cuts and abrasions and more

• Treat contaminated drinking water

• Can be used to decontaminate foods from harmful industrial pesticides, yet can be used as an effective insecticide.

• Kills mold, mildew, fungus virus, and bacteria.

• It can be used in all bathing/swimming/spa as disinfecting water treatment without toxic smells and residue.

• Powerful bleaching agent for hair, teeth and clothing,

• Powerful blood stain remover.

• Removes skunk odor when combined with baking soda and soap.

• Can stop bleeding of small wounds.

Grocery Store/Pharmacy Hydrogen Peroxide with Toxic Stabilizers

The Difference Between Grocery Store Versions and Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

To recap here are some of the important differences between grocery store and pharmacy versions of hydrogen peroxide:
• Grocery and pharmacy versions are usually dispensed in a brown, labeled bottle

• They are prediluted to 2% to 3% strength

• They contain stabilizers that are non-edible.

• While labeling says that this type can be used for oral mouth rinse, the obvious indication is that such stabilizers are probably not good for human health, and therefore, consistent, regular use of this type of hydrogen peroxide as a mouth rinse could lead to a build up of these unsafe stabilizers in the tissues of the body.

• A safer version is food grade hydrogen peroxide, which can be used externally and internally. Therefore, there are no toxic residues left on or in the tissues when using food grade hydrogen peroxide.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide


• To whiten teeth, put about a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in your mouth and hold it close to your teeth. As it bubbles, it will whiten your teeth.

• It contains no unhealthy stabilizers, which are contained in grocery store and pharmacy grades.

• Hydrogen peroxide has numerous uses in disinfecting, decontaminating and bleaching.

• Food grade hydrogen peroxide must be diluted to be used safely. Dilution is simple and safe using just water to achieve a 3% mix for external and internal use.

• Safer type than grocery store or pharmacy hydrogen peroxide because it is completely human and environmentally friendly.


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