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Seeking Help When Your Child Shows Possible Signs Of Autism

Updated on August 22, 2016
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A mother and a dedicated nurse who values children and family. A passionate writer aiming to help others by sharing my own experiences.

You have found that he has possible signs of autism and professional help may be needed.
You have found that he has possible signs of autism and professional help may be needed.

What To Do After Observing That My Child Has Autism

It is likely that through observation of your baby's motor skill development you have found that he has possible signs of Autism and professional help may be needed. This article is designed to guide you in giving the best assistance available for your child. Before we look at individual options for your child. It is important that although a number of programs and therapies help children with autism until now it has not been possible to detect potential autism in children less than two years of age. Some free government programs may deny access to any child who doctors may be unwilling to provide such a diagnosis before a child is old enough to show language and socialization problems. Moreover, some therapists may be hesitant to work with a child who is so young. Always remember that you are your child's best advocate. Even if you have sizable resources you must be smart when choosing help for your child. Rest assured that there are many who can help your infant overcome a variety of developmental disorders such as a free a government service. With the right support from you so your child can grow and flourish.

Programs That Directly Work With Autistic Children

Now that you have become aware of your child's autism action is crucial. Whether your baby has a developmental delay the very best thing you can do is get her treatment right away. Early intervention will give you the best possible chance for your infant's development. Programs that directly work with autistic children or that teach how to provide home-based therapy will then look at the option of putting together individual therapies with the help of a team of specialists. Just remember that you can enroll your infant in a local program for autistic children and arrange a home physical therapy as well.

Should I Enroll My Child In A Program

A variety of programs is available for autistic children and therapy in your home. A communication partner or facilitator helps the disabled individual to use a communication device like a picture board or physical contact. This contact may simply provide the disabled person with stability in a seated position or may actually support the person's hand to use the communication device. Facilitated communication has both its detractors and its supporters. Detractors can easily influence the disabled individual and thereby control her communication.

Sensory integration therapy teaches the nervous system to process stimuli in a normal fashion thereby improving concentration and impulse control. While critics say that the effectiveness of sensory integration lacks research support proponents point out that many people with autism have difficulty in processing sensory information. Sensory integration therapy is usually performed by a physical or occupational therapist and is often covered by insurance.

Some drugs have been used successfully to deal with autism related problems such as hyperactivity and aggression.
Some drugs have been used successfully to deal with autism related problems such as hyperactivity and aggression.

Is There Medication For Autism

Although no medication can cure autism some drugs have been used successfully to deal with autism related problems such as hyperactivity and aggression. Once these symptoms have been minimized the individual can often focus and learn with greater ease. The drugs used to treat the symptoms of autism include antidepressants such as Prozac. You can find nutrition and answers to frequently asked questions. There is a list of professionals and practitioners and a parent support system if you research this on the internet. It should go without saying that no nutritional changes should be made without consulting with your child's Occupational Therapy . As a child grows an Occupational Therapist can also devise strategies to help her make the transition from one setting to another from home to school or from one life phase to another. The therapy at home or therapists can often be recommended by your child's pediatrician or by contacting local children's teaching hospitals.

Swimming can help improve your child's skills.
Swimming can help improve your child's skills.

Swim Therapy

There is no need to resist gravity during water activities as swimming can help improve children's skills. At this time there are no swimming classes geared especially for autistic children. However, there are infant swimming classes and instructors that work with babies six months of age and older. Once treatment has begun always remember that parental involvement is necessary to success. You can optimize your child's treatment and follow through at home whenever possible.

Speech And Language Therapy

When your child is old enough to acquire speech a speech therapist can improve her verbal skills and language ability. A therapist can also enhance the nonverbal communication and social skills in autistic children and this must be acquired in order to get along with others. In other words in addition to learning how to say good night your child may be taught how and to whom this should be said.

Will Our Life Ever Change?

Certainly parenting is never easy and raising a child with special needs presents even greater challenges. Regardless of the type of treatment you find for your child it will take time and energy for you to care for her and life will change as you work with your child and become involved in her care and development. While great victories and achievements lie ahead there may be days when you feel discouraged and overwhelmed. That is why it is so important for you to take care of yourself. Fortunately there are many places that you can turn to for advice advocacy and support. You can even find respite care or temporary care provided for your child so that you can have a break.

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Help for Parents With Autistic Children

If you find that anxiety or depression is beginning to interfere with your ability to function you may also want to consider individual or family counseling. Therapy can give you the opportunity to talk honestly about your problems and express how you are feeling about your marriage and family. Counseling can help you and other members of your family with the challenges of life with an autistic child. Help is available for your autistic infant and for you and the rest of your family as It well may take some time to find the program and therapies that work best for your child even if they are provided as early in life as possible.

Mom And Dad’s Health And Well Being Before Pregnancy

Science has known for some time that due to maternal stress during pregnancy there is a risk to brain development. It's quite common to find high levels of the developmental disorders. High cortisol levels are a sign of chronic stress. Most recent is preliminary evidence suggesting that stressed dads can affect the brain development of their offspring and found that stress experienced by dads even when it occurred in childhood can leave a lasting impression on his sperm that affects his kids' stress response and their risk of developing mental conditions. Obese women are more likely than normal women to have a child who will develop autism. They also face the risk of having a child who will end up with other developmental delays. Again it is not just overweight moms who might be risking her children's health. There has been a study about obese men having double the risk of fathering a child who could be diagnosed with either autism or Asperger's syndrome although the risk was relatively small in parents. There appears to be a lack of vitamin D and the rising rate of at least one brain condition such as autism. Vitamin D deficiency in parents prior identified as a key risk factor for autism in a major review conducted by researchers. Several commonalities between parents with a history of mental disorders having children who will develop similar disorders including autism, bipolar, schizophrenia and other mental health problems. Research confirms that woman's current and previous levels of physical and mental health physical activity and stress can later affect her child's behavior and intellectual capacity. Also anything that negatively affects a pregnant woman's hormone levels and autonomic immune can negatively impact the brain of a developing fetus.

All About Autism

Seek help If your child is struggling and has a poor response mobility. A first contact is your baby's pediatrician who may be able to determine if your infant is struggle is a possible sign of impairment. Remember to bring the records of your observations so you can give a complete account of your child's motor development. Detailed records are essential as they enable you to effectively present your concerns to a physician or other professional. If your baby's doctor does not respond satisfactorily to your concerns do not hesitate to seek a second opinion. Find a physician or therapist who can evaluate your infant's development and provide the assistance she needs. The world opens up to the baby who is able to sit up on her own and manipulate toys and other objects from her stable seat on the floor. With her improved coordination and balance this baby will soon be able to pull herself to a standing position. Then she will start the process of learning to walk.


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