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Who am I..? An identity in Turmoil

Updated on November 20, 2014

Feeling Lost...

Everything was normal...

Sunshine lighting up the day; water splashing everywhere as my children and I would play in the water making sure to not waste a minute of the great weather that had been provided for my day off of work that week. Laughing, splashing yelling and just enjoying the day as it came, we played and laughed like this was just the way things were supposed to be...The way things would always be... We never even seen the darkness lying just around the corner, in life. The darkness that now looms and may seemingly never go away.

Depression is a crazy thing. "The invisible end-all," someone once called it during a conversation him and I had. A conversation at which time I never would have imagined that I would one day be trapped within the confines of the topic that we spoke of. I realize now that even as we had that conversation, "depression," silently and unseen was stealthily stalking me waiting for its chance to pounce upon me. Had I been aware of the power held inside this unseen predator, I would have certainly done much more in preparation to prevent such a cunning enemy from gaining a strong hold on my life. A stronghold that once it sets its talons in to you, freeing yourself from its grip can become a battle for your very life.

Depression can affect anyone...

Before continuing let me touch on the fact that depression is not some mental disease that simply takes root on people in poverty stricken areas. It is not isolated to the realms of drug addiction or confined within the peripheral borders of high-crime areas or afflicting only people who have suffered a traumatic incident or loss of a close friend or loved one. It stands side by side with politicians we have voted in to run our countries. It spends each and every day with some of the most prominent business men our world has ever seen. Behind the smiles of many of our favorite celebrities, depression like an invisible nightmare endlessly ravishes the thoughts of these people whom we idolize and daydream we could be; or at least have the opportunity to live one day of their life as them. Crazily enough, many times these people would give it all to feel truly happy and content for one simple day without depression controlling their very existence.

As the depressed person typically feels hopeless; or that the information they are getting is many times either untrue or just, "something people say," let me take this time to mention some documented cases of depression to factually show the information above is actually in fact true. The first case I will mention is Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie is known as an actress and also a Humanitarian. Angelina, battled depression throughout her teens and early 20's. She also began slipping back in to what she called a "dark place," after the loss of her mother in 2007 and had to take action in order to prevent the depression from consuming her. A very accomplished actress and inspirational woman who has provided hope for countless children, is a real life story of someone overcoming depression time and time again. The next case of depression I will note is that of British Statesman, Winston Churchill. Churchill one of the great leaders during World War II; a Nobel Prize winner in Literature in1953, battled his depression which he called his "Black Dog," on a daily basis. Often times trying to overcome its effects by applying all his focus in to his work from the start of his day until the end. Then there was, Buzz Aldrin. Who would have ever thought the first man to stick his foot out and make the first human foot-print on the moon would have spent years battling powerful psychological demons. One wonders how someone who has led such historical life and well off life, how could he possibly deal with such an ailment. Well, the fact is he did. There are many other notable documented celebrity depression cases to uphold the information I stated earlier in this hub. To read about many more such as Charles Schulz, Dolly Parton, Teddy Roosevelt, Jim Carrey and many more click here.

The point of the last paragraph was specifically to show the person who feels as if they are alone; or that no one understands them, that there are in fact at every corner of the globe many people who truly have felt how you feel. Felt how I felt and at times feel myself feeling still to this day. You are not alone! The important thing is to understand this and even more important to believe. Believe that people do care. Believe that there is hope. Believe that many people before you and I have paved the road to recovery. Recovery though is a process and not an event. I will not make any claim to the such that overcoming depression is an easy road. For some it can be a bit less strenuous than others. Some may find their route littered with a few more obstacles than others before them or around them have had to deal with. However, obstacles can be overcome and that is the great thing about them. We may hate every second of the actual process of overcoming these obstacles, however, the emotional and mental rewards we gain from doing just that are ones that are extremely empowering to ourselves and inspirational to others. Our stories of success can be used for others as a catalyst to begin their journey and start taking the steps they need to take in order get out of their own personal darkness's and begin working towards a prosperous and inspirational life of their own.

Inspirational Knowledge in the Fight Against Depression

Be able to identify Depression early.

Don't give up.

One of the many unfortunate things about depression is that causes many people to lose all hope before they get the information that they need, which can cause them to see that there is in fact far more hope and happiness ready and waiting for them in life. I have endured the loss of many friends due to just this already in my life. At the age of 34, I have now watched for sometime now the negative affects of depression not only in my life, but in the lives of friends, loved ones and acquaintances. Many times it seems to be a similar story of pain being lived, only with the names of the characters applying personally to the victim whose story is being lived. You may be wondering what I am trying to get at here and I hope that is the fact. I hope this because it brings me to the next case in point. That being that there is a common denominator here.

What could be the common denominator..?

A common denominator..? That's right there is a common denominator. Now let me preclude this by saying that there will always be exceptions to anything, but this common denominator is that we are all human and wound from the very same genetic make-up causing everybody to be far more similar than most people seem to think. Our differences typically come from sociological and geographical differences more so than any biological. Now, lets ditch any of the fancy terms or drawn out explanations and look at it like this; since as humans we are made the same as other humans, we can all learn and find healing methods that Will work for us if they have worked for others in the past. Let this not limit us to finding new and more healthy ways of dealing with depression, but if you are lost and searching for answers that you simply cannot find on your own for whatever reason...Don't be afraid to ask for help. 1 out of every 4-people suffer from depression which means there is a high likelihood by just asking a couple people you could find a starting point to begin your own journey out of the depths of depression. I know it can seem like an unsurmountable mountain at times as we do not want to talk to others or we are afraid to, but finding that first bit of strength... Being able to ask that first time, can honestly set something great in motion. It has in the past and will it again in the future. For some that greatness is active in their lives right now! Think about it...If we already feel hopeless, what to we have to lose by asking for help...? Our hope...?

To conclude this Hub, I would like to say that finding the strength to accept the fact I needed help in my life; even being able to admit to myself that I could not do it on my own was nearly impossible. However... my days are continuously getting better now. I enjoy those days in the sun with my children again. I've got a battle ahead me and steep hill to climb to get back to where I want to be in life, but I understand that there is no rush to be great and I can do this at my pace. I can stop ask for help now if I need it because, well... at times I do. There are no magic words that can be spoken to cure depression. A lot of times what it takes is to stop reliving the events of your past and being able to live, "in the now." Living "in the now" means that if you know you have a problem right now, address what the problem is right now. It doesn't matter what got you to "your" now... What matters is what healthy choice can you make for yourself right now to keep ensuring your future "Nows" keep getting better and better...

Please take the time to view this if you or someone you know is suffering from depression.


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