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Wholeness is from Our Inner Guidance

Updated on February 13, 2013

Is Intuition Your Inner Guidance?

This hub on intuition and wholeness I would consider a spiritual seeking endeavor. I ask the question, "Is our individual inner guidance the same thing as our intuition?" If I assume that they are the same thing...can it be developed through attaining and maintaining wholeness?

To recap my previous hubs, wholeness is an individual's balance in the major aspects of life. We were created with the major aspects of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical awarenesses. And balance across those awarenesses is unique to each person and particular time. I can say from my own experiences that my understanding of balance in wholeness creates constant joy, health, vigor and a positive mental attitude that moves me forward in life.

According to the dictionary, intuition is the faculty of knowing as if by instinct without conscious reasoning. For me to accept that definition as I read it, there is a difference between intuition and inner guidance. The difference being that I believe my inner guidance is "tapped" through my balance in wholeness; that when I seek spiritually, and use my mental, emotional and physical awarenesses in what I call balanced coordination to facilitate my spiritual endeavors, I can reach a higher level of consciousness, a more divine level of inner guidance and understanding. For instance, if I had not used my conscious reasoning in many a situation, my instinct would have lead me astray from dealing in a situation that needed to be dealt with. Similar to the fight or flight scenario. But because I went to my inner guidance, the faith and strength I have developed in my belief system over the years, communication and understanding became the answer to the situation.

In my studies and practices of rituals from various philosophies and religions and the mystical aspects thereof, I have found what I would say are different levels of inner guidance.Vibrational levels ranging from the dark psychic to the lighter divine. My focus on a wholistic lifestyle is about transcending while transmuting the psychic to uncover the divine reality within us. Using as plain a language that I can; I do not wander around looking for guidance in the spiritual psychic levels, but go directly to the spiritual divine levels of reality for inner guidance.

Who better to guide us to keep us healthy than our own highest inner guidance? We get information from professionals, doctors, scientists, natural health practitioners, friends, our own research, etc. But who could be better at putting it all together, to make it individually just what we need, than our highest aspect of self? Some aspects of health are like the frame of a picture, necessary to hold the picture, like we need a belief system to sustain us spiritually, a body, food, water and air to live; some aspects are the components of making the picture, the paint that is what belief system do we seek to take in, what kind of exercise for the body, what kinds of food and water; but who better to create the picture of health, the work of art, than one's highest self.

In order to begin a discussion about inner guidance, I want to establish a language of constant concepts that will be helpful in understanding my definitions of aspects I will use in this hub and probably the others as they unfold. Words are great and necessary to a degree to relay ideas, but they can be confusing because different people can use the same word but really have quite different meanings.

I want everyone to know and feel that wholeness is something not just attainable through a particularly established religion or philosophy and the words that are used in them to explain concepts. I would like to show that there are parallels of the words used for concepts across different systems, and that it is how the concepts themselves go together and are utilized that brings the wholeness, not that it is a particular religion or philosophy. It is the individual's inner guidance that can guide him or her to their own unique use of those concepts to create their individual balance.

So, first, for instance, if I were to say God, I also mean: the One; Universal Mind; Infinite Intelligence; Allah; Buddhic Mind; Source; I AM Presence; Highest/Higher Power; Elohim, or Creator; Angels and the Holy Spirit; etc.

Words for inner guidance are: intuition; Higher Mind; Higher Self; Holy Christ Self; Mind of Christ; and again, the Holy Spirit and the Angels; or any of the varying levels of our soul consciousness [inner child(ren)], etc.

Inner guidance levels defined in my current vocabulary, because I am finding a unity across the different systems, are the Mind of God and the Christ Mind (Higher Self), the soul levels of consciousness (connected to our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects ) and sometimes our elemental body levels of consciousness.

Some people just use the word God to cover all the levels of inner guidance. And of course there are those that prefer more specific, scientific describing word labels to the levels, i.e. superconscious mind, conscious mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind. Then of course there are labels from other belief systems, i.e. schools of psychology (I am not sure there is a God word or inner guidance word in that system other than maybe intuition), the Kabbalah of Judaism, the seven bodies of man in Hinduism , etc.

The inner guidance that connects us to the natural environment and other living creatures are also components of the wholistic perspective.

People have unique needs, so each chooses a(or some of) definition(s) and label(s) they feel the need for, or is the culturally accepted norm, or any number of various other reasonings, or just the only examples they have experienced in life.

When I use the word Christ, I am not talking about Jesus per se, but the Christ Mind that he attained. And that the Christ Mind he attained, we also can create our path of wholeness to attain the same. We can attain and maintain a connection with our own Christ Mind (Higher Self) that is there just waiting for us to seek, find and study to become/uncover more of who we Truly Are !

But I do have to point out that the words Higher Self in "psychic systems" of thought and spiritual endeavor are not the same as what I mean when I say Christ Mind, though the words have been used synonymously and sometimes the label Higher Self has felt close to the definition of the Christ Mind that I understand.

Ponder what I have written. Consider what you know about Jesus and his life story and what he was teaching; i.e., love, forgiveness, faith, standards, beatitudes, being a friend to all, abilities to heal self and others, etc. Where is it you have a problem accepting what you have learned about his purpose and teachings?

For me, it wasn't him and what he taught, but the interpretations of the concepts he taught. As an example of what is possible for a human to attain to, he was boxed in, singled out and worshiped as being something above the rest of us. And though he was in the sense that he had attained something we hadn't, yet... I believe as per his words as teachings, that if we follow his example, we could attain what he attained.

You know, it has been similar with any belief system that anyone has interpreted and shared with others, or tried to control others with, either for money or some form of power. I came to the realization that I wanted to read a teaching, a theory, etc... in its purest form, as it came from the author, master, guru, teacher,... who ever it may be, and tune in to my own "aborning" Mind of Christ to learn of my 'place', my True Being, in the Mind of God that is our Universe.

Enough said. You take it from here.

I do want to point out the wholeness in the thoughts of this particular hub. It provides a spiritual focus, but also has mental components, and emotional components, all for the purpose of creating a path of health (physical component).

I welcome comments and questions on this spiritual perspective. It helps me to grow and understand more of my own spiritual journey and that of others and find the unity in our diversity.

Yours Truly,


The Beauty of our own re-Creation of wholeness is reflected in the world around us !
The Beauty of our own re-Creation of wholeness is reflected in the world around us !

The Divine Self


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    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 7 years ago from Wales

      Iloved this hub thank you for sharing

    • katyzzz profile image

      katyzzz 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      I really like your outlook on life and your inner wisdom.

      I am a very impulsive person and would do well to think through things before I act on those impulses by sometimes this can "freeze" action.

      I loved your depth and sincerity and really appreciated your visit to my hub, I agree with your comments re pictures and have been wondering just how I should approach this. I'm still giving it some thought. Although I definitely believe pictures enhance the quality and appeal of any published literature.