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Whom or What are you searching for?

Updated on September 28, 2015

Whom or What are you searching for?

With the world as close as your fingertips these days, here is a question for you. Whom or What do you seek? Interestingly enough, you are answering that question several hundred times each day, whether you realize it or not. Consciously or subconsciously, we all are answering the question; whom or what are you searching for?

Words of Solomon

With the words of Solomon ringing in my ears one evening "With much knowledge, comes much sorrow” Ecc.1:18. Great sadness came over me because of what I was watching our neighbors having to endure with their new to them home. I soon realized that it was a life lesson, coming to life right before my eyes!

Wisdom is the Principle thing!

While the wisest man that ever lived said that with much knowledge comes great sorrow, one must wonder why? Why then is Wisdom the principle thing, Solomon was commended by God for asking for Wisdom and all of mankind is searching for it.

However, what most of mankind fails to realize is that it isn’t wisdom until you gain understanding on how to apply that wisdom in everyday life.

This is where many of us fail. We fail to obtain the knowledge on how to use that wisdom we desperately search for.

Wisdom tells us why we should do something or how it applies. Knowledge knows when and how to apply that wisdom.

Golden God Nuggets

While writing my first book, A Life of Significance, I came up with the phrase Golden God Nuggets. This is what I call God’s pearls of Wisdom that he deposits along our pathway of life, to help guide us along our way.

The golden God nuggets that I was discussing in the book are the pearls of wisdom that God drops into ordinary people and situations.

Pearls of Wisdom that when we gain understanding, becomes usable knowledge throughout life. One mother shares that the sudden death of her daughter, actually taught her how to be a better mother to the rest of her children that she and her husband would have.

Every story of tragedy and triumph in the book; “A Life of Significance” contains valuable life lessons which the participants willingly share with the readers.

Like Mining for Gold, golden God nuggets or pearls of wisdom aren’t lying out in the open; they must be mined from the hard, rocky, dirty earth bound existence.

Sometimes You Just Have to Walk Away! 1Kings 3

As I read the story of Solomon ordered that the living baby should be cut in two, which I believe to be a golden God nugget with layers. I gleaned another piece as another application to the same nugget of wisdom Solomon used that day. The wisdom that Solomon demonstrated that day, is silently asking where is your heart? Among the living or with those who are dead?

Solomon “Knew” that the heart of the true mother of the child would rather see her child live a “whole” life, rather than be the murder victim of revenge. This is one lesson that Don and I know all too well.

Sometimes you have to allow the options of others, determine what is more important, you and your own needs, or the needs of another? Rather than watch her child be torn apart by the actions of another and for her to appear to resist fighting to the death for HER own, she chose to allow the child live with another, whom wasn’t the rightful mother, just so the child could live.

The true mother, with a pure heart of compassion for the life of the child was willing to let go of her “rights”, for the benefit of her child’s life. Rather than fighting, she chose Life. While the other mother was focused on the dead and want vengeance for her loss. Psychologists call this misplaced grief or anger.

  • Now I ask you, the reader, what are you trying to hold onto, life and what it has to offer, or are you clinging to the dead and what was?
  • Or even harder, do you need to walk away from Your Right, and seek life over the situation?

Point to Ponder

Or even harder, do you need to walk away from Your Right, and seek life over the situation?

See results

Sometimes it’s ok to say if I am happy, my children will be happy.

While it has been said that the statement "Sometimes it's OK to say 'If I am happy, my children will be happy'." is selfishness at its core, it really is true. You can only give what you have, not what you don't. Maybe you have heard it this way. Happy Wife, Happy Life.

Either way, sometimes you need to recognize that the best thing for your situation is to make yourself happy in order for your children or spouse to be happy. While we learned this lesson through the grit and the grime of an abusive family situation, it took many years to see how “RIGHT”; the statement is to say, “If I am happy, my children will be happy, and I refuse to grow old and bitter!”

While the woman in the story with Solomon probably wasn’t too happy about giving up her child. She know that she would be happiest in this unhappy situation to see to it that her child lived instead of becoming a victim of the other party’s wrath.

Sometimes we might NOT like the choices that we are given;

  • However, we must make the best one that we can live with.
  • Otherwise, to make no decision is to continue the revolving door of uncertainty in which nothing is accomplished except frustration, anger and misapplied guilt or shame.

Just as Wisdom without Knowledge is unfruitful, so Knowledge without Wisdom lacks common sense for understanding.

Think about this for a moment. Have you ever known somebody that had lots of wisdom; however they seemed not to be able to apply that wisdom into their own life? That’s what it means to have Wisdom without knowledge.

Now, have you ever met someone who was really book smart, but when it came to real world application, it escaped them?

When someone lacks wisdom, what we believe to be common sense is lost to them. That is it is lost to them until something shakes their world hard enough, to wake them up to reality.

While the bible tells us that Solomon was the wisest and richest man to whom there would never be any equal. The wisdom that he has left for us from his experience and understanding demonstrates one thing to always remember.

  • What was will be again, for there is nothing new under the sun!

While the Pendulum Wave demonstrates the fluidness of life, even demonstrating the DNA strands.

In Newton’s beginnings he saw equal and opposite reactions with his “cradle” he developed.

The Pendulum of legacy swings from one extreme to the other throughout the generations.

Recognizing which side of the legacy swing your generation is, helps to provide you understanding of your times.

With the two short videos that I have included in this article, I must point a few things out that I have seen and do see from these demonstrations of Newton’s Cradle and the Pendulum Wave.

  1. Notice the image cover of the Pendulum Wave video. See how at any point in the wave you can see movement to the left or right. This demonstrates how life flows through the generations or more simply put the ebb and flow of life.
  2. Now watch the video of Newton’s Cradle. Notice how when the author of the video grabs three balls to start the reaction. Notice that the middle one switches sides throughout the generational pendulum swing.
  3. After having watched these two videos, now begin looking at your children. Notice where you and your spouse started at, and you will see the same generational flow of the pendulum wave, and newton’s cradle within your own family unit. People who don’t have children, or who only have one child won’t be able to see this as easily as those that have multiple children and the differences that each has.
  4. Notice also how in the Newton’s Cradle video demonstration the principle of division within a family of five; 3 against 2 and 2 against 3 that is depicted Luke 12:52-53.
  5. Finally, notice in the Newton’s Cradle video, when the center one is removed what happens to the two middle ones then? Reminds me of someone trying to take God out of the middle of their relationship hoping to grow and contribute. Notice what happens in reality, watch it again and you will be amazed at the reaction.

K.I.S.S. - Keep it Simple Stupid

While science continually proves the existence of God, somehow, each of are searching and seeking something bigger than ourselves. Something to explain the unexplainable, problem is what or whom are we searching for?

Whether slicing through a DNA strand, googling God, or enjoying nature we all are looking for something. Problem is we sometimes lack either Wisdom or Understanding. We may have all the knowledge in the world but without Wisdom and understanding, we wander around groping in the dark like blind men. In all your searching and getting, get Understanding!

© 2015 Cammy Walters


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    • profile image

      nancy 2 years ago

      You are totally on about learn to be happy for yourself. It's like instead of looking for bad in events or people try to look for good in people or things. Once you change your outlook maybe the grass will look greener on your side. I LOVED the pendulum wave. I could watch that forever. Smart does not mean you have common sense. I deal with this all the time.