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Why Am I sensitive? - A Little Help for Highly Sensitive People

Updated on May 23, 2013

"The flower that smells the sweetest is shy and lowly." ~ William Wordsworth


Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?

Why Am I Sensitive? An Introduction

"Why am I sensitive ALL the time?" It's a question I have posed to myself on many an occasion, especially those occasions following yet more embarrassment and shame brought on by my seemingly boundless sensitivity.

Don't you get tired of hearing this?:

"Stop being so sensitive!"

"Stop overeacting!"

"Why are you so sensitive?"

"You need to learn to be less sensitive."

This list could go on and on in an endless repetition of similar urgings, however, I'm sure you have nodded enough already!

Dealing With Being Sensitive

The denial is usually the first thing to set in once one realizes he is 'different.' In my case, I spent a chunk of my teenage years denying it and attempting to fit in as best I could, but the truth was never far from view, just on the periphery, always lurking and threatening to appear. Social interaction was where I struggled and is where I am sure all sensitive people struggle, due to our innate ability to take everything personally and bear a grudge against the whole world. I blamed and denied. That was how I dealt with it. How do you deal with your heightened sensitivity?

Why Am I Sensitive? - The Answer Finally Revealed

I finally discovered the answer to that question but it wasn't until I was well into my twenties. Not too late, it's never too late! I learned that being sensitive is a good thing, in fact, it's a wonderful thing which if used wisely can bring about love, healing, understanding, warmth and happiness in quantities most can only dream of.

Here's a nice quote to whet your appetite before you move onto my answer:

"An alert and active nervous system, therefore, is the greatest gift of Nature, for it is through the nerves that we experience all the pleasures that make life worth living. To be dull-nerved means to be mentally and physically dull - insensitive to the higher phases of life, incapable of deep emotion, love, and force of character..." ~Paul Bragg

Your Sensitivity Is a Gift - Embrace it and the Door to Life Will Open to You

The gift of heightened sensibility
The gift of heightened sensibility | Source

10 Great Things about Being A highly Sensitive Person

  1. Hsp's have an incredibly powerful and attuned intuition.

  2. Are more aware of their surroundings as a result of more highly attuned senses.

  3. Are great partners due to their ability to sense emotions in others.

  4. React physically faster than non-sensitive people as a result of heightened senses.

  5. Are extremely creative and imaginative.

  6. Experience slightly more physical pleasure.

  7. Are kind and have great empathy with others.

  8. Are deep thinkers and can predict what the future will bring by piecing together the subtleties of a circumstance.

  9. Make great teachers and psychotherapists/counselors.

  10. Waterfalls, ponds, rivers, streams and even rain bring a great sense of comfort.




Am I sensitive? Perhaps so. You may be a HSP (highly sensitive person)

Why am I Sensitive? The Highly Sensitive Person Test

Before we can go any further, I suggest you take a quick detour to the highly sensitive person test by Doctor Elaine N. Aron, so you can see whether you really are a HSP or not. The test will only take a minute and the truth will be revealed to you.


You are A Highly Sensitive Person

Welcome back. There is a wealth of information across the net and in various books in the self-help section in bookstores today where you could easily find more information on this gift you have. However, I would like to share my point of view with you. That is, the point of view of a fellow HSP who has struggled to find a position in life just as you no doubt have. Here goes. I'll make it as quick and painless as possible ... I promise!

Yes, I am Sensitive and Proud of It!

Why am I sensitive? It is because I am a HSP (highly sensitive person). For a very long time, HSPs were lumped into the same bracket as introverts, shy people or those suffering from social anxiety. There are similarities, yes, but highly sensitive people are actually a breed all of their own. They are NOT shy.

A New Breed Discovered - The Highly Sensitive Person

In 1991 Dr. Elaine Aron, a HSP herself, began researching high sensitivity in animals and humans and discovered something fascinating. She found that in each species of animal including humans, 15-20% were highly sensitive. It is thought that the reason for this is that these more sensitive animals are able to warn their less sensitive brothers and sisters in times of danger, or when subtle changes have occurred in the environment. So it isn't just some weirdly random curse then. It is a bonafide set of extra-sensory powers that are there for a reason, to help others and to keep our species safe from harm! Great news.

Am I sensitive? Yes, and I am proud to be a HSP!

A gift only 15-20% of us receive.
A gift only 15-20% of us receive. | Source

A Final Word on Being Sensitive

Although it can be hard dealing with the extra-sensory-input our highly sensitive nervous system soaks up, we are here for a reason and we do have a job to do. Among animals, this trait is still useful for warning of impending danger and shifts in the earth's natural cycle etc but among humans this trait can be so much more than that. In fact, I think it surely is meant for so much more than just being more aware of danger.

Highly Sensitive People and Our Job on This Planet

After spending most of my life wishing I was like everyone else, I have finally accepted what I am and what I am here to do. As highly sensitive people we have the gift of foresight, empathy, intuition, swifter reaction-time and creativity. We are designed this way by mother nature.

Use your gift to help those who aren't as sensitive as you. Don't hide away anymore.Your ability to sense others emotions and needs is a chance for you to connect with and help the other 80% who aren't highly sensitive. Become a teacher, a counselor or even just a more open person and embrace your gift of sensitivity. In the meantime, enjoy the heightened pleasure you gain from this trait, the touch of the sun, the feel of a lover's embrace, your favorite song and how it sends shivers across your skin. A wonderful gift.

I didn't mention anything negative because the negative aspects of this trait really are negligible when compared to the positive. You ARE sensitive. It is a good thing. Learn to see it that way. At first it won't come easy. It didn't for me. In time though, you'll see that it is a magical gift you are in possession of. Learn all you can about it and embrace it.

Enjoy it. I am.

Why am I sensitive? Because I am HSP and proud to be!

Embrace your gift of heightened sensibility and use it to make this world a better place, one filled with love, light and laughter. Never be ashamed or feel unworthy because you 'feel' more deeply and 'hurt' more easily. You have a special place on Earth. You are a guide, a healer, a teacher and a prophet all rolled into one.

Soothe Your Senses With the Right Music


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