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Why Are the Pennsylvania Amish Raising Camels for Camel Milk? The Benefits of Camel Milk.

Updated on August 17, 2013

Camel Milk in Pennsylvania?

I live in the heart of rural Pennsylvania. It is common to pass Amish stands on the side of the road. I saw one selling camel milk and camel milk cheese, which bewildered me so I thought I'd investigate. When you think of Pennsylvania, more specifically the Pennsylvania Amish one of the last things you think of are camels. Camels are associated with deserts but they are very adaptable. Some can even thrive in the cold of Russia! I've learned that camel farms are not just starting in Pennsylvania but all over the United States.

The FDA passed a bill in 2009 permitting the commercial sale of camel milk in the United States. Because it is not easy to find (at least in this area) and there are many health benefits linked to drinking camel milk it is no wonder the Amish want to start camel farms and sell the milk.

Have you ever tried camel milk?

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Benefits of Camel Milk

•Camel milk is the closest milk to human mothers milk making it easy to tolerate. In many countries camel milk is given to babies suffering from malnutrition.

•Camel Milk has three times more vitamin C than cow milk

•Camel milk has ten times the iron count versus cow milk

•Camel milk contains 10 times the amount of antibacterial and antiviral properties over cow milk

•Camel milk contains insulin like protein that survives the digestive tract and may benefit people with certain forms of diabetes

•Camel milk contains disease-fighting immunoglobulins which are small in size allowing penetration of antigens and boosting the effectiveness of the immune system

•Camel milk improves the quality of life for those with autoimmune disorders helping the immune system respond properly and no longer attacking a persons own body tissue

•Camel milk is a whole food. This means it has enough nutrients to sustain a person through the day

•Camels milk is lower in cholesterol than cow milk

•Camel milk is rich in potassium and minerals such as sodium and magnesium

•Camel milk is a natural source if Alpha-Hydroxide acids which are known to smooth fine lines and "chubby" the skin

•Camel milk can be used as a precautionary in ulcers

I've never tried camel milk but I hear it tastes saltier than cow milk. I haven't seen camel milk anywhere else so I think next time I pass that stand I will pull over and and give camel milk a try!

Camel Milking

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