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Why BodyTalk is the HealthCare of the Future

Updated on May 3, 2014

Curing the Symptom or Curing the Disease?

If you are a big fan of shows like House, or Dr Oz on Oprah, or even a serial Web MD and Google couch researcher, you'll have realized how many diseases have the same symptoms...

So then, if this is the case, what good is it to go to a doctor and list your symptoms? How does he (or she) know if they are treating a mild cold or meningitis?

More importantly, even if they have taken away the headache, runny nose and fever, how do you know if its really gone, or if its just in hibernation, waiting to attack you again at the slightest provocation or change of temperature?

The truth is, all "symptoms" are the same, because they are all the body's own natural defenses against disease - whether its a virus, parasite, foreign body, food allergy or bacteria, the body has set ways of addressing the problem.

INFLAMMATION: inflammation or swelling is really caused by a sudden influx of macrophages, white blood cells, sent to absorb and contain the "bad guy", kill it, break it down and excrete it. All those dying cells and debris need to be flushed out somehow, so the body accumulates extra fluids around the war zone, both to help flush it out and to form a barrier around the infected area to protect healthy tissues in the "safe" zones.

RUNNY NOSE: Your nasal passages are your first defense against "germs" Foreign bodies are trapped by the nasal hairs and mucous, to be removed through sneezing. If there is a large influx of these foreign bodies, your body will simply produce extra mucous to line your passages, keeping surfaces slick so foreign matter cannot attach and multiply. Drying up this mucous may save you some tissues and discomfort, but it may also provide an easy breeding ground for bacteria and viruses with a foothold into eutopia - your body!

FEVER: Most bacteria and viruses need to live within a certain temperature spectrum to survive. If you have a fever its your body's way of turning up the heat to kill off foreign bodies, or at the very least, slow down their replication speed to give you a chance to recover.

NAUSEA: Your body's eviction plan for residents who don't belong there such as toxins, allergens, bacteria or invasive microbes

DIARRHEA: Your body's evidence that there is a bacterial war in your digestive tract and the flora have been killed off in effort to fight off invasive bodies. This will correct quite quickly by taking probiotics and fluids.

Addressing these symptoms is like taking away your body's means to communicate with you and tell you something is not right internally and may actually assist the microbe in spreading.

Are Symptoms Really Symptoms?

So perhaps you are a seasonal hayfever sufferer or allergic to what seems like everything and these symptoms are a part of your daily life...what then?

These symptoms are really symptomatic of a problem in your body, but what if there is no apparent bacteria or virus, what is it then that is making you ill? Why do some people get cancer and others not?

If you were to take a little leap of faith and consider that all diseases are in fact symptoms, you are closer to the truth.

Your body is forever seeking a state of balance, think of a set of scales. On one side is your health and your bodies natural state of joy. On the other side, life's little challenges: stress at work, hunger, thirst, heat, cold, financial strain, relationship quarrels, loneliness, worry, grief, anger, frustration, envy, rage, jealousy, depression, noise, environmental pressure, political turmoil, family feuds, insecticides and pesticides, gluten, GMO's, carbonated drinks, fatty meals, cholestrol....the list is endless.

Your body is an incredible "machine" and it will appear to be in a state of status quo even when fighting several of these issues; however, day by day, unless the source of stressors is dealt with, your body will weaken and its defenses diminish.

Suddenly your body becomes weakened and is an ideal breeding ground for disease. Your cell walls weaken, letting in viruses, your tissues and organs are damaged leading to tumours, your blood vessels become clogged and plaque forms leading to embolism, heart attacks and strokes.

Are "symptoms' then really symptoms? or are the diseases themselves clues to what lurks beneath the surface?

If medication can kill an organism and suspend the runny nose, then the comfort of the client is improved, but there is no tablet to help you feel safe, loved, happy or joyful.

The Marvel of BodyTalk

Addressing the real cause of disease is far easier than one would think!

BodyTalk communicates with your body to not only find the source of the dis-ease but to consider your environment's role in its creation.

You may for example be unhappy at work and feel that your boss hates you, constantly looking for a reason to add to your workload or deny you a raise. This will arouse several "stressors" within you.

Firstly, your self esteem will take a knock - some part of you must believe you deserve to be treated this way, or surely you wouldn't allow it?

Secondly, you'll be harbouring resentment and anger because you cant very well punch your boss or walk out of your job - both anger and frustration are processed and excised by your liver, so an excess of anger here usually means liver damage, bile accumulation and poor lipid (fat) metabolism leading to weight gain and depression.

Thirdly, your body will now feel an aversion to your workplace and getting up in the morning will become more difficult. You'll start to feel demotivated and "stuck", no longer enjoying your work and feeling uncomfortable. This could lead to depression, blood pressure issues, weight gain from raised cortisol levels and a diminished immune system leading to more illnesses more often!

BodyTalk and similar modalities such as Kiniesiology will identify these stressors and not only help you resolve your relationship with your boss and release all that pent up stress, frustration, hurt and anger, but boost your immune system!

Once you've let go of all that angst and anger you may start to realise that your boss is actually intimidated by you and you work well as a team once you accept each other as individuals. Suddenly everyone in your environment is benefiting and work becomes a joyful place to be.

Learn more about BodyTalk from the Founder!

Holistic vs Modern

Have you ever tried holistic therapy with positive results?

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In a Nutshell

  • Your Body communicates with you through your symptoms
  • Addressing the symptoms may prevent your body from warning you about infections and create a breeding ground for chronic infections
  • Your Body can heal itself if given the right support and assistance
  • Your environment and emotional state play a massive role in your health and must be addressed if you are to be healthy in the long term
  • Holistic medicine addresses the cause of the disease and doesn't require drugs to heal
  • More scientific data daily proves the efficacy of holistic healing over the damage caused by western drug treatments.

Alternative Health in the Future

With more and more scientific data being discovered daily that supports the practice of alternative healing over traditional western medication and drug therapies, its inevitable that mankind will eventually find a balance between the two systems. Perhaps only turning to western medicine in times of extreme need such as surgeries will become the norm and even then alternative therapy is used to achieve better recoveries in a shorter time frame with less dependence on chemicals.

Ancient remedies and alternative therapies such as Chinese medicine, reflexology, acupuncture, acupressure, kiniesiology and BodyTalk are going a long way to helping humans understand their bodies and their place in their environment to create sustainable, peaceful, nurturing living.


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    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 3 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      I'm constantly amazed by all the disclaimers and outright admissions possible harm of many of the newest pharmacy medicines that keep coming onto the market these days.

      Money seems to be at the root of it all. Natural herbs that are known for their effective use and lack of harmful side effects take a back seat to the man made drugs that can be patented for huge profits.