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Why Do Overweight People Breathe Loud?

Updated on July 17, 2010

Section 1 of 2. Why do fat people breathe loud?

by Crackpot of Oxycontinworld, pop writer, hat maker

Not a pc question, but observable by the average person. Large people kick up quite a fuss as they draw in the life force. Why?

There are many reasons and this is a fact you have to get used to in order to understand macro-phenomenon. The main reason fat people wheeze is because they simply have more fat obstructing their airways than slimmer people. If someone has a double chin, that fat is gonna push inward and narrow the airways, causing a wheezing sound. Their are more reasons.

My unfavorite reason why fat people wheeze is because the same parents that fed them terrible food probably also smoked. Their parents fed them loads of unhealthy foods and that's why they're fat. These same parents also smoked cigarettes in their face and caused them to have conditions ranging from asthma to ADHD. If you are a parent who smokes, please don't smoke around your kids. ADHD and Asthma are bad enough, but you can also give them childhood cancer, and you won't be able to forgive yourself for that (childhood cancer, by the way, is also caused by other known and unknown factors, so just because a child has it, that doesn't mean their parents caused it).

Fat people also wheeze because they have more visceral fat, ie fat in between the organs. This is the worst fat to have as it is correlated with everything from heart disease to diabetes to cancer. You don't want it. You get fat around your lungs and diaphragm and you're gonna be wheezing.

Fat people also have a greater load on their heart as the heart has to pump blood throughout the body and pumping it throughout a 270 pound body is harder than pumping it through a lighter body (notice I chose the upper limit of human healthiness; while it is possible for a very muscular 270 pound person to be healthy, it is generally not possible beyond 270 pounds even in a bodybuilder). The increased body mass is going to cause an increase in oxygen consumption which will put a greater load on the cardiopulmonary system and cause a straining for oxygen in the overweight individual.

So, that's why fat people breathe loud. They need more oxygen and their body is less able to provide it, so, basically, they are oxygen starved and what you hear is the sound of someone suffocating but grabbing enough oxygen to stay alive. These same people, when asleep, fall below the needed oxygen and are affected by what is called sleep apnea. Bottom line, if you have a friend who is falling below the needed level of oxygen because of excess body fat or lung capacity and don't know it find a nice way to tell them. They may need to see a doctor.

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Section 2 of 2. Krav Maga Inside Defense Exercise

Use the inside defense to deflect straight attacks.  Click below for a demonstration.  This exercise works the shoulders and chest.

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    • profile image

      del 5 years ago

      i love the brutal honesty!

    • profile image

      Snap 6 years ago

      I thought they breathed air? But they do breathe air loudLY...

    • profile image

      Li-Or 6 years ago

      This was an interesting read. Thanks for posting!