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Why Epigenetics Should Change How you Manage Your Health Care

Updated on March 23, 2017

Epigenetics - A New Approach to Biology

You may not be aware of this, but western medicine has finally caught up with holistic healing through proving the notion that environment shapes us more than our genes.

Whilst our DNA code is set, it is also only a blue print of potentials, meaning the sequences that exist are not all active at once, they are lying dormant, waiting to be switched on by environmental triggers.

In the same way that our houses are made up of the same bricks, cement, roof tiles, glass and timbers but there are thousands of ways to make a home.


Epigenome of Identical Twins

A New Hope!

So now that you understand that you CAN alter your body's DNA expression, the big question really is HOW?

Scientists love to study identical twins, because their DNA is identical at birth. It is only through their exposure to life's experiences and environments that their DNA expresses differently.

What this shows us is that every single choice we make, good or bad, influences our DNA. The food we eat, whether or not we smoke, how resilient we are to stress, how much water we drink, how much physical activity we do and how we perceive our world emotionally and psychologically; has a profound impact on our physiology.

This means that for the first time ever, we can truly have control over our lives and the way we live them. We are not bound by genetic diseases, we are merely predisposed to them. We do not have to be fat and grumpy as our grandparents may have been, we have CHOICE!

Identical Twins - Our Scientific Gift

Biology of Belief

How To Rewrite History

Our environment triggers our DNA, but what IS our environment exactly?

Our environment isn't just the objective world around us, but the subjective way in which we perceive it, and herein lies the key to our freedom.

You cannot control the weather, your boss's bad mood or the stock exchange but you can control how you perceive it and respond to it.

The first 6 years of your life your brain was in theta mode, observing and recording everything your parents and close family members or nursery friends did, this laid the foundation of your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.

If your mother believed she was fat and all carbs were bad, you may too, so you may experience a form of latent stress every time you eat pasta or a sandwich.

How we feel affects our biology too. Ever had someone make a comment that they felt was completely innocuous but cut you so much it felt like a kick in the gut? That's perception at work. It affected you one way because it triggered an emotional memory, one that another person doesn't have and therefore wasn't affected.

This is where the wonder of psychotherapy and energetics steps in. If you can change your beliefs about something, you can change the way you perceive it and the way your body responds biologically.

Environmental Factors Influencing DNA Expression

How to Untangle the Spider's Web

So now we know we can shift our perceptions, but how do we even know what our perceptions are?

This is where the beautiful tool of BodyTalk and Coaching steps in. Your therapist will help you find the initial triggers of a perception, even as far as in utero (yes, you could hear in there!) and help you unravel the associations you've made since then that could be limiting you or hampering your wellbeing today.

Belief systems are rarely stand alone, they are usually intertwined with other factors and memories, sensory input and experiences. However, little by little you can unravel them and you will notice a definite shift in the way you perceive yourself and your world, no longer at the mercy of old beliefs that do not serve you.

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    • Glowfaerie profile image

      Candice Jules 13 months ago from Wokingham, United Kingdom

      Thanks Lipnancy! I am making it my personal mission to beautifully blend western scientific "proof" and ancient intuitive medicine and well-being!

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 13 months ago from Hamburg, New York

      What a wonderful way to explain this basic truth. I am happy to know that science is finally catching up to what our enlightened ones have always known.