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The Benefits of Taking a Baby Aspirin a Day!

Updated on June 28, 2012

There are many health benefits to taking a baby aspirin (or low dose aspirin) daily. Typically this dose is 81mg per tablet, per day. It doesn’t matter what brand of aspirin you choose, as long as it follows this dose. Aspirin therapy can benefit anyone, but especially people with coronary artery disease, arthrosclerosis, anyone who has had a heart attack or stroke, people that have undergone bypass surgery, anyone at risk for heart disease or stroke, and men over the age of 50. Read on for health benefits including some newly discovered ones…

Decreases Pain & Fights Fever:

Probably the most commonly known reason for taking aspirin is that it reduces pain and fights inflammation, especially associated with heart disease. Aspirin is also a great fever fighter.

Inhibits Blood Clots:

Blood clots are extremely dangerous because they can clog the arteries, especially the ones leading to the heart, increasing the chances of heart attack and or stroke. Aspirin thins the blood, and has therefore been shown to prevent blood clots when taken regularly.

Heart Health:

Taking a baby aspirin a day has been long thought of as a good idea for heart health. It has even been prescribed as the first line of defense when you think you might be having a heart attack. Taken daily, it is thought to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, as well as heart disease. It can also significantly reduce heart damage during a heart attack. People with a heart condition may benefit from a higher dose than the typical preventative baby dose of 81 mg. Always consult your doctor to be sure.

Fights Inflammation:

Because aspirin has anti-inflammatory properties, it has been shown to reduce the effects of ailments such as arthritis and allergies. Taking a daily aspirin dose is beneficial for anyone suffering from any type of inflammatory disease or condition.

Anti-Aging Assistance:

Due to aspirin’s effect of anti-inflammation and thinning of the blood, new research shows that it may also reduce the effects of aging, specifically the onset of wrinkles. Studies have shown that inflammation causes aging effects, so the less inflammation in the body, the less effects of aging we may see.

Fertility Help:

Aspirin has been thought to be beneficial in helping to prevent miscarriage, and increase fertility. Some miscarriages are caused by a poorly lined uterus, and aspirin can make the uterus lining healthier. Another common cause of miscarriage is the presence of antiphospholipid antibodies, which are proteins that appear to be related to coagulation problems. Aspirin reduces the risk of clotting, therefore reducing the risk of the antiphospholipid antibodies. It is also thought that aspirin helps with the blood flow to the ovaries and uterus. This aids in the successful implantation of a baby. Research has also shown that baby aspirin may increase activity in the ovaries by allowing them to produce multiple eggs during ovulation. While it may be a good idea for any woman hoping to conceive, it is especially helpful to women with fertility issues.

It has long been a slogan that “taking an aspirin a day, keeps the doctor away!”


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    • Thelifearound profile image

      Nguyen Kinh Luan 2 years ago

      Aspirin reduces pain by limiting prostoglandins, a hormone-like compound formed by the body's enzymes. When in pain, prostoglandins are created to provide neural response to the brain. With aspirin bonding with them, it limits the process and limits the pain. The compound also is bond with platelets which initiates blood clotting. The bonding again limits the process, helping to prevent blood clots. Aspirin also affects the hypothalamus which regulates body temperature, thus causing fevers to go down. However, prostoglandins also do some good as it is the compound which keeps stomach lining thick.

    • profile image

      conradofontanilla 3 years ago

      The latest on aspirin is that the FDA has reversed its position on daily aspirin (Dr. Mercola). The main reason is that it can induce bleeding in the stomach and brain which can lead to hemorrhagic stroke. Aspirin thins blood that it enables blood to escape through the wall of arteries or through the capillaries. Aspirin is a cyclooxynase (COX) inhibitor 1. It partially inhibits the production of thromboxane and prostacyclin. Thromboxane promotes platelet aggregation that may result in clot. Prostacyclin counters thromboxane, prostacyclin dilates arteries allowing more blood flow. Aspirin is also a pain reliever like COX 2 (Vioxx, ceferex). COX2 effectively blocks production of prostacyclin but promotes production of thromboxane. Vioxx had been withdrawn from the market because it induces heart attack and stroke when taken for 18 months continuously.

      Aspirin can induce abortion because it thins the blood of the fetus.

      COX acts on arachidonic acid and produces thromboxane and prostacyclin with a by-product, superoxide that is a master free radical. This causes inflammation. Aspirin therefore partially blocks production of free radicals. Superoxide combines with nitric oxide, a dilator of arteries, to form peroxynitrite. This catches a lot of nitric oxide that would otherwise dilate arteries, especially during angina or hypoxia.

      Superoxide is one cause of cancer thus aspirin can reduce risk of cancer by 40% (Sears, Ph.D. The Zone) when it partially blocks metabolism of arachidonic acid. There is a free radical theory of aging; free radicals promotes aging. So lessened amount of free radicals delays aging.

    • Ashley Gray profile image

      Ashley Gray 6 years ago from Colorado

      Thanks Minnetonka Twin! My grandmother has high cholesterol and she takes it daily and it seems to help! You are right though that it can thin the blood - no one on any sort of blood thinner should ever use aspirin. I'm glad you enjoyed!

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 6 years ago from Minnesota

      Hi Ashley-Loved this informative hub on taking aspirin for heart health. I'm gonna ask my doctor if I should start taking this as I have high cholesterol. My dad use to take aspirin daily and some of the bad effects can be that it thins the blood which can cause bleeding ulcers (which happened to my dad)and make cuts difficult to heal. Thanks for making this so easy to read :-)

    • Ashley Gray profile image

      Ashley Gray 6 years ago from Colorado

      Hey liljen23! Thanks for commenting! It can be so beneficial to heart health! Among other things, as you read! :)

    • liljen23 profile image

      liljen23 6 years ago from Shreveport,LA

      Hello Ashley, thanks for publishing this hub. It is very informative and taking a baby aspirin is very helpful. My mom takes one every day for good heart health. Thumbs up!!