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Why Exercise Is Important

Updated on April 15, 2020
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An avid sports player, who has played his fair share of sports, and seen the benefits.

Why is Exercise Important?

In short, exercise introduces both physical and mental well-being when performed correctly and in moderation. Exercise can both make you feel better and also make you feel fitter - two key aspects of your well-being.

"I give more time to exercise of the body than of the mind, believing it wholesome to both."

— Thomas Jefferson

5 Reasons to do Sport:

  1. You vastly improve your physical health.
  2. You vastly improve your mental health.
  3. You increase your levels of social interaction.
  4. It can be very enjoyable.
  5. You gain heaps of confidence.

Why These Reasons are Important:

Physical health is not just what your body looks like, it is how fit and healthy you are too. The image of your body is the least important thing about the benefits of exercise. By exercising, you are decreasing your risk of non-communicable diseases, such as cancer. Being fit brings many physical benefits, such as strength, stamina, a better immune system and a balanced weight. These benefits can play a part in your life all the way into old age, as exercise is proven to reduce the risk of falling in old people.

Mental health is also an overlooked factor when one considers the benefits of exercise. However, exercise can reduce levels of stress and anxiety greatly, as well as reduce the risk of depression and dementia. Exercise clearly plays a crucial role in your mental health, which is yet another reason indulge in exercise, because who doesn't want to feel great?

Being lonely can create a devastating impact on the confidence and well-being of anyone. Exercise can be a fantastic way to meet new people who have similar goals to yourself. A common misconception about exercise is that it is best done alone. Some of the most enjoyable parts of exercise are done in a team, such as football training, or hitting the gym with your friends. Either way, team sports are a great way to build up communication, leadership and physical skills - all while making new friends.

Some people do not enjoy exercise and that is understandable. However the amount of satisfaction and adrenaline you gain by finally finishing that 5k, scoring the winning runs in a cricket match or completing a challenge you never thought you could is just unbelievable and unique to sport. The enjoyment of winning or beating your personal best, or seeing improvements is an unbeatable and well deserved feeling. So in short, sport can fill you with a sense of satisfaction and completion that is unique and quite simply the greatest feeling you can have.

Finally, exercise can give you confidence. Confidence in itself is a difficult thing to acquire, i'm sure we can all agree. But exercise gives you levels of self-confidence, whether it's due to the personal improvements you can see in yourself, the boundaries you've broken or the feeling of being out of your comfort zone but still succeeding doesn't matter. What matters is that you as a person feel more confident in yourself, which you should. And as more self-doubt creeps away, you will find yourself succeeding much more, and your attitudes towards different challenges in your life will slowly start to become more and more positive.

The greatest feeling in the world.
The greatest feeling in the world.


Exercise should be done for enjoyment, not as a task.

To Conclude:

In conclusion, I hope that those who read this piece will feel motivated to exercise more. I have highlighted only a few benefits of exercise and you will probably disover more, if you take on the challenge of besting the current state of your physical and mental health.

There is nothing stopping you from doing more than just daily exercise and neither is there anything or anyone forcing you to do more exercise than you already do. That is what is great about exercise and sport - it is individual and if it works for you...great! Don't stop striving for success and let your boundaries be broken. Step out of your comfort zone once in a while, push yourself that extra mile and be the best version of yourself you can.

Most importantly, remember that what you are doing is for yourself and make sure you're happy with that.


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