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Why Exercise in the Morning? Mornings Are the Best Time to Exercise

Updated on July 18, 2011
Photo credit: Michael Zacharzewski
Photo credit: Michael Zacharzewski

Why Exercise in the Morning?

Why exercise at a specific time? I bet you didn't know that the time of day you exercise can be as important as the type of workout you choose or how long you exercise. Why is morning exercise so important to a successful exercise routine?

Did you know that most people who maintain a regular exercise regimen have a daily morning workout? That seems to be a pretty good reason all by itself to try a morning exercise workout routine.

This Is Why a Morning Workout Is the Best Time to Exercise

Another reason why morning is the best time to exercise is this simple point- The sooner you exercise, the more likely it is that you will exercise at all during the day.

Just like every other unpleasant chores that we put off, if you wait until later in the day to exercise instead of a morning workout, the chances of actually following through decrease dramatically. There are lots of reasons, many of them legitimate. You are tired, you have to stop at the store on the way home, the kids need help with their homework, you ate too much at supper, and on and on.

However, if you get up even fifteen or twenty minutes earlier every day for a morning workout routine, it's much more likely that you will actually do it. Just make morning exercise as essential to your daily routine as taking a shower.

Added Health Benefit of Morning Exercise Workouts

Also, if you exercise first thing in the morning, you give your metabolism an early morning boost. This results in more calories burned throughout the day. Plus as an added bonus, you will have more energy all day.

Regardless of When Is the Best Time to Exercise for You, Do This

Even if you are absolutely allergic to mornings and would never get up early for a morning workout, adapt this information a bit for your personality and schedule. If you know you won't do morning exercise regularly, then make some other time an absolute commitment for exercising.

Treat your exercise time as you would an appointment with your doctor. Whether you decide that your exercise workout will be 4 pm every day or right after work on the way home, stick to it religiously.

Research shows that if a person does something continuously for 21 days straight (straight being the key word here- don't skip a day!), it will become a habit. Then that habit will be as automatic as brushing your teeth before bed.

So if you exercise every day for 21 days, preferably a morning workout or at least at the same time every day, your exercise routine will become a habit. You will feel worse when you skip a workout. You will feel good after you exercise. I promise. Try it!

Complete Morning Exercise Workout Program

Why Exercise in the Morning? Mornings Are the Best Time to Exercise Comments

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    • profile image

      kay 7 years ago

      Hi, I always try to have an exercise routine but I always give it up after a few days... found the info about exercising in the mornings very helpful.. hope it helps in my next effort to start exercise... i really wish my exercise could be routine and consistent. Any more advice?

    • elmarko profile image

      elmarko 7 years ago from Ireland

      That's some useful information, cheers!

    • Putz Ballard profile image

      Putz Ballard 8 years ago

      I didn't know this but mornings are my times to exercise, a great start to the day.