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Why In Vitro Fertilizationis is Men's Infertility Answer

Updated on July 16, 2009

New born Babies with Artificial Sperm

Is science going to give as another human being species different from the evolution as we have always read and understood? Are men going to be the winners or women going to be the looser with this new scientific research?

But one thing is certain with this IVF finding is that a woman is going to give birth without sexual intercourse or simply put it no man needed for a woman to give birth

The IVF will enable women to give birth without sexual intercourse. This will also help infertile in men as you can go for In vitro fertilization.

In Vitro Fertilization is going to save families that are on the verge of breaking due to infertility. Men normally complain when their wives are unable to give birth and would often blame the wife. With this scientific invention an infertile man has not to worry because he can easily buy IVF.

The research was done by scientists at the Newcastle University in the United Kingdom; a human sperm was created using embryonic stem cells

I know many will not welcome this scientific revolution especially the religious faithful where a child is a product of both a man and woman



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