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Why Juice Fasting is Better Than Water Fasting

Updated on July 15, 2020

The concept of making juice from fruits or vegetables for overall health has been the practice of many people for many decades. Fruits and vegetables have been proven to improve our health if consumed on a regular basis. They contain many vitamins, minerals and fiber which have healing nourishment while also help to flush out toxins and waste in our body. When we drink raw vegetable juice we are drinking life. Fruits and vegetables absorb nutrients from the rich soil while they get energy from the sun during a photosynthesis process. When we consume these plants, the cells in our body absorb all the essential nutrients from the plants which then give us energy and vitality.

Process of photosynthesis.
Process of photosynthesis. | Source

The consumption of fruit and vegetable juices, herbal tea and vegetable broth in fasting can result in faster recovery from illness. When you feel unwell, fatigued or depressed, try to stop eating and drink juices to allow your body to heal. Food, especially from animal and processed food, takes a lot of energy to digest. When there is no food to digest, our digestive system rests and this allows blood and energy to flow to parts of the body. By giving our digestive system a break, our body gets enough energy to start healing and renewing cells in our body in order to fight diseases. Toxins from our foods and the environment cause our body cells to suffocate which result in inflammation, pain and diseases.

Additionally, fruit and vegetable juice fasting gives more effect in cleansing and rejuvenation of the body than the regular water fast. Raw juices of fruits and vegetables give more energy than water. In essence, when doing a juice fast, our body is not starved of all the essential nutrients. It is important to remember that water should also be taken during juice fast to help flush out the toxins in our body. Juice fasting gives our digestive system a break and energizes our cells with nutrients. During this time, the body undergoes the process of flushing toxins deep within our cells. Contrary to water fasting, our body doesn’t get the proper nutrients it needs in order to function.


Scientific Reasons of Juice Fasting

Here are the scientific reasons of juice fasting:

  • Raw juices and vegetable broth freshly prepared is rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes.

  • These important elements are very easy to digest directly into the bloodstream, without overloading the digestive system - so as not to interfere with the process of healing and rejuvenation of self-digestion as suggested by some advocates of water fast.

  • Contrary to the personal view of some authors, fruit and vegetable juices do not incite the secretion of hydrochloric acid within the stomach that can cause ulcers. Hydrochloric acid is largely discharged when foods rich in protein are consumed.

  • The nutrients in juices are very useful to normalize all body processes, to provide the necessary elements for body healing activity and regeneration of cells and thus help accelerate the recovery process.

  • Raw vegetable juices and broths provide a surplus of alkaline, which is very important for the proper balance of acid-alkaline in blood and tissues, because the blood and tissues constitute high levels of acids during the period of fasting. Due to the alkalizing effect that juice fasting has on the blood, detoxification symptoms, if any, can be minimized.

  • Large quantities of minerals in the juice that are present in vegetable broth help restore the mineral and biochemical balance in cells and tissues. Imbalance of mineral in the tissues is a major cause of decreased oxygenation, leading to disease and premature cell aging.

  • The substance that contains in raw juices stimulates what is known as ‘micro-electric tension’ in our body. This ‘micro-electric tension’ is accountable for the ingestion of nutrients from the blood stream as well as discharging metabolic wastes efficiently.

  • Therefore, raw juice fasting is particularly important when you intend to fast for regeneration and rejuvenation of your body. Juice fasting helps to break down and remove the old ‘dying cells’, revitalize existing cells, and intensify the re-building of young, essential cells.

  • During fasting, the body burns up and discharges large quantity of wastes. This cleansing process can be supported by drinking juice that is alkaline instead of water when fasting. Consuming fruit and vegetable juices during fasting can intensify the healing effect of fasting. The body will get rid of uric and non-organic acids more effectively. Not only that, sugar in juices has proven to strengthen the heart.

Water Fasting

Water fasting restricts everything except water. It has become a popular method to quickly lost weight. However, it comes with many health risks and is not suitable with everyone. One should not undergo a water fast for longer than 72 hours without medical supervision. People with diabetes, gout, eating disorders, children and pregnant women should not follow water fasting. The reason why water fasting can be dangerous is because some people may feel weak or dizzy and at risk of fainting. This is due to a drop in blood pressure that happens when standing up suddenly. Dizziness and fainting could lead to an accident when driving.

With all the reasons discussed in this article, juice fasting is the best compared to water fasting.


How to Correctly Juice Cleanse

Disclaimer: The advice contains in this article does not intend to be a substitute for a personal consultation with a qualified food nutritionist. Any materials and recommendations posted here serve as general information purposes only.

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