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Why Practice Makes Perfect With Hypnosis

Updated on July 11, 2012
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When Rachael isn't in her studio dyeing yarn (her real job), she's called to her passion for writing, and so here she is : )

When you go into a hypnotic trance, it is a wonderful, relaxing and free feeling.

Not only does your mind and body enjoy a total down time, as it completely lets go for the session, but you are also able to take the time to allow your subconscious mind to resolve all sorts of issues you might want to overcome.

Which in turn causes you to feel even more relaxed and calm as your mind does it's work to let go of all that you no longer need.

Sounds lovely doesn’t it? And it is when you get there.

But not everyone will go into a deep trance the first time they experience hypnosis.

In fact you may find that your first session doesn’t match up to what you expected at all. You may find yourself thinking, and believing that 'it didn't work', but don’t be concerned about this initial verdict. It isn’t cause to believe that a hypnotic trance won’t be achievable, or that the hypnotherapist hasn’t done their job. It just means that there might be a need to practice relaxing, and learn how to really let go in body and mind.

Barriers To Relaxation

For too many of us, our lives are so full of continuous stimulus and activity that we have become used to our minds being constantly busy and occupied. With all the pressure to achieve, to succeed, to match up and out do we are pushing ourselves to constantly do more and be more.

Plus, with computer games and smart phones, computers and TV and new terms that make it acceptable to forgo true relaxation, such as being an ‘active relaxer’, it’s no wonder we forget how to fully relax our bodies and minds without being asleep.

For anyone caught in this cycle it can feel quite unusual, and even self indulgent, to really stop and completely let go for the first time.

Others may find that the inherent feeling of complete relaxation with hypnosis makes them feel as if they have lost some sense control. The sensations that come with hypnosis can be quite foreign to someone who likes to maintain as much control as possible and they may initially find it difficult to accept the process, trusting nothing bad will happen, and really giving in to the process.

Become An Expert Relaxer

Practice will overcome both of these problems and allow you to begin to get used to, and start to really enjoy, the amazing feelings and benefits of hypnosis.

And that learning and practising isn’t hard to do. In fact, it could be one of the best kinds of homework you will ever be given : )

The simplest way to practice becoming an expert relaxer it to use a general hypnosis for relaxation or guided meditation CD.

You can either purchase a CD from a reputable hypnotherapist if they have one to offer or purchase one from a site such as Hypnosis Downloads.

Once you have a CD, listen to it 4 or 5 times each week. Set yourself up somewhere quiet where you can sit, or lie down in a relaxed position and then get ready to listen to the CD. Preferably, use headphones to help you block out other noises and really go into the zone of the recording.

Don't place any expectations on what the CD will do for you. Just close your eyes and then just let the CD guide you.

By doing this regularly, you will find that each time you listen to the CD you will relax sooner and sooner, and your body and mind will know exactly what to do. In fact you will look forward to getting to that place where you start to drift away.

You will ‘learn’ how to achieve a good, deep trance that will then allow you to do all the subconscious work you wish to during future Hypnosis, or general relaxation sessions.

Easy Results

So if you are someone who has struggled to achieve a deep hypnotic trance during your 1st few hypnosis or meditation sessions, don’t let it concern you. With the right amount of practice, you can experience a full, deep and amazing hypnotic state, in a very short time.

Just take the time to practice and become familiar with that wonderful relaxing experience that not only feels great, but is so good for your wellbeing.

You will soon be able to enjoy the full impact of deep relaxation and in turn begin making it so easy to use the power of hypnosis to make the changes you want to make in your life.


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