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Why Sinus Surgery Is Not the Answer

Updated on February 2, 2015
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Mom. Homeschooler. Mystery shopper. Editor. Wife. These are a few words to describe notyouraverageal. Her life is anything but average.


The Great Antibiotics Marathon

After I developed the sinus infection from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks, I went to the doctor for relief. He prescribed 10 days of antibiotics. When they did not work, I called him, and he called in another prescription. When those did not work, he called in another prescription, and the Great Antibiotics Marathon began.

For a year and a half, my doctor kept prescribing antibiotics. He would give me a 21 day supply with 2 refills. He would also prescribe Diflucan with several refills, for the inevitable yeast infection from each round of antibiotics. This crazy marathon had become my life.


The Worst Surgery of My Life

After a year and a half, I was referred to an ENT, who said I had to have surgery. He quoted statistics about how many thousands of people each year contracted meningitis from sinus infections left untreated. He scared me to death with stories of brain-eating infections leading to death, so I said I would have the surgery. After all, he was the doctor, so he knew best.

I had the surgery, and I must say, it was the worst surgery of my life. This is saying a lot considering I've had tonsil surgery, knee surgery, jaw surgery and gall bladder surgery, plus I've given birth twice. Nothing compared to sinus surgery. Nothing. The surgery was bad. The packing in my nose after the surgery was bad. The recovery was bad. The whole process was just brutal, and it was not something I would wish on my worst enemy.

After the surgery, my sinus infection continued. The doctor kept prescribing antibiotics and Diflucan. I continued the Great Antibiotics Marathon for another year.

Two and a half years of my life were spent taking antibiotics and fighting off a constant yeast infection. The ENT biopsied the infection but found no other solutions. He just kept giving me prescriptions.

I finally put a stop to it!


Enough Was Enough

Finally, I started reading and researching, looking for other treatments for my sinuses. Apparently, surgery and antibiotics were not the answer, but I needed relief. Two and a half years of sinus headaches was about all I could take.

In my reading, I came across information on a Neti Pot. I had no idea what it was, but I decided to give it a try. Within a week, I started feeling relief. I was so excited, and I thought I had stumbled upon something new.

They Never Mentioned It To Me

At my next ENT appointment, I was excited to tell the doctor about my discovery. As I explained the Neti Pot to him, he said, "Of course. That's saline irrigation. We recommend that all the time!"

I told him he had never recommended it to me. He said that was because they used it for bacterial infections, and mine was not bacterial. He said it wouldn't work on my type of infection. I told him it was obviously working since I was feeling better.

Natural Was Better

On that day, as I left the ENT's office, I decided I would no longer rely on the doctor to treat my sinuses. Obviously, their treatments had not worked. I had gone through two and a half years of antibiotics and a very painful surgery, and it had done no good.

I was frustrated that, though the doctor knew about saline irrigation, he never even mentioned it to me. I wondered what else he had not mentioned to me. I continued researching and came up with other solutions for sinus issues. I talked to a lot of different people and listened to what they had to say, and I came up with a sinus plan that has worked for me and my family.

Never again did I seek medical treatment for my sinuses. I found my own way - a natural way.

The Truth

The truth is, there are many natural treatments available that work as well as, if not better than, antibiotics. Some doctors know about these but don't believe in them. Therefore, they don't tell their patients about them. In this way, they don't allow the patients to make an educated choice about their own health.

Some doctors don't know about these because they've never been taught. Their focus is on modern medicines, and that is all they know.

The doctor is not always right!


Try These Before Surgery

Your doctor may be telling you that surgery is the only solution, but I'm here to tell you it probably is not. It's worth at least trying these natural treatments first before putting yourself (or your child) through the painful process of sinus surgery. Here are the natural remedies I've come across:

Saline Irrigation

The first relief I found was through use of a Neti Pot. I was a little scared to use one, but it turned out to be quite simple. The water passing through my nose was actually kind of soothing.

Now, when I feel a sinus infection starting, I find instant relief through a Neti Pot. You should try one too. It works!

Amazon sells Neti Pots, but so do the drug stores and mass retailers near you.

How to Use a Netipot. (Thanks to @AshleysGreenLife for the video.)


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another great way to get sinus relief. The vinegar works as a natural anti-histamine, and it thins the mucus in your body. Since I've started using this, I rarely have sinus issues. I just take my apple cider vinegar daily, and I'm good to go.

How to use ACV:

-You can do like me and just drink it. Each night before bed, I put a little water in my mouth and hold it there. With the water in my mouth, I take a swig of ACV and swallow quickly. Then, I chase it with more water. I keep my ACV cold as this helps the taste (a little). It's pretty nasty, but that's the easiest way I've found to get it down. (I then go brush my teeth, because I worry that the acid might hurt my teeth over time.)

-Some people prefer to make a tea with apple cider vinegar. They put about 2 T. ACV in 8 ounces of hot water and add honey to sweeten it. For me, this did not make it any less disgusting, and it just increased how much I had to drink.

-For those who just can't stand the taste, there are ACV tablets out there. I've found one at GNC that has cayenne pepper in it as well. This is how my kids take their ACV since they certainly won't drink it.

However you take it, take your apple cider vinegar! It has many health benefits beyond just sinus relief. It may not taste good, but it's good for you!

*I use Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar. It's unfiltered and organic. It has worked best for me.

Colloidal Silver

Someone told me about Colloidal Silver nasal spray. Honestly, I don't know how this stuff works, but it does. I use nasal spray, because it applies the treatment right to the area that needs it. Any time I feel a sinus infection starting, I begin using Colloidal Silver spray. I use two sprays in each side, twice a day, for about seven days.

Colloidal silver works as a natural antibiotic. It has really worked for me and my children.

There is a lot of conflicting information about colloidal silver online. Some sources say you can actually turn grey if you use too much of it. From what I've read, you would have to use a whole lot more than two sprays in each side, twice a day to overdose. However, please read for yourself. Don't just take my word for it. I'm certainly not a doctor. I'm just a mother who hates sinus infections.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Another natural treatment I've found effective is Grapefruit Seed Extract. We have used tablets and nasal spray, and both worked. The nasal spray seemed to work faster, because it went straight to the infection.

Grapefruit Seed Extract works as a natural antibiotic. It breaks up the infection and brings relief pretty quickly.

There are a few warnings if you are going to take GSE. First, be sure to drink plenty of water with it. This will help flush the acidic properties of this product out of your system. Also, grapefruit interacts with some medications. Be sure to check with your pharmacist or doctor to see if this applies to any medicines you're taking.

Oil of Oregano

The last thing I've found effective is Oil of Oregano. When I first started using it, I was told P73 Oil of Oregano was the only kind I should use. For years, I bought this type, though it cost much more than basic oil of oregano. Then, due to struggling finances, I had to try just basic oil of oregano. I found it almost as effective but not quite.

If you are really sick, try using P73 Oil of Oregano. The brand name I've found is Oreganol. If you are just getting sick, regular Oil of Oregano is much cheaper, and you may find it just as effective.


Listen To Your Body

I would not recommend using all these things at once. I would try the Neti Pot and the Apple Cider Vinegar. Then, from the Colloidal Silver, the Grapefruit Seed Extract and the Oil of Oregano, try one. If it doesn't work, try another.

Each person's chemistry is a little different, so what works for one person may not work as well for another. Listen to your body. If you are feeling better after about a week or so, keep doing what you're doing. If you aren't better, try something else.

Before considering the horrific sinus surgery route, I highly recommend that you give all these items a fair chance. I think you will find that it is absolutely possible to treat your sinus infection naturally and to avoid sinus surgery. Good luck on your sinus journey! I hope you feel great soon!


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