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Why Solipsism and Materialism Fail

Updated on March 26, 2017


Solipsism is the belief that we are the only conscious thing in the universe. But, one only has to ask the question as to what constitutes we in that assumption. Yes, we are conscious, but what is part of our being? Are we the only part of our being? Are our thoughts the only thing there is? Are there other functions to us? Would it make better sense to say we are everything? That would turn solipsism into subjective reality very fast and make it right. Solipsism is materialism really, since it assumes the same thing materialism does, that we are fixed and separate. At its core, it is meant to aggravate people and make them feel a certain way. It's an approach to manipulate and control. If you are sure that you exist and everyone else is a zombie, then you have really misinterpreted a lot there. In this assumption you are a mind and everyone else is a body. But, in reality you are a mind and everything else is a mind too. If you assume you are a mind, then the body is not you fundamentally either So, the other bodies must be not them. All is subjective, so we are all subjective. Defining a mind as a closed space in a head gives you the prerequisites for the solipsism program.


This is simply the belief that the physical processes create everything. Yet, it is easily transparent by looking at the big bang, because of the mystical assumption it has to adhere to. It is actually a very mystical belief system, when you look at it. It can even go as far to say that the universe came from nothing, which is not possible. That is like a bacterium in your stomach saying the food that appears there comes from nothing. Materialists try to get around this with string theory and many worlds, both of which are wrong. For a simple understanding of what materialism is, imagine being immersed in a PS4 game. You identify with the character, but the whole world the character lives in is virtual and the system is outside of his simulation. Yet, the character is told to say that his reality in the game is all there is. We know by playing as that character that we are not that character, but the person on the couch playing the game. Materialists would say that the game is all there is. But, the game is a virtual reality, so it's just a lie. Imagine seeing things through the eyes of a PS4 character. Everything would look pretty real, but we know it's just a simulation.


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