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Why What You Believe Does Not Matter (And What Really Does)

Updated on January 15, 2011

If you are like most people, then you think that what you believe really matters. I hate to tell you this, but what you believe really does not matter at all! Now, I know that this may fly in the face of everything you have been taught, but if you will bear with me, I will show you why what you believe does not matter, and I will tell you what really does matter. Knowing what really matters will make a huge difference in your life, so please read on and discover why what you believe does not matter, and what really does.

Why does what you believe not matter? There are several reasons:

First, what you believe changes over time. You may believe one thing today and the opposite tomorrow or something entirely different altogether.

Second, what you believe may be wrong. Many people believe in things that are not real or not right, and following false beliefs always produces bad outcomes, even if they do not see those outcomes right away.

Third, you can believe a lie, either from someone who is trying to manipulate you or one you make up for your own benefit. A lie is a warping of reality, which will hit you hard when reality snaps back and reveals the truth.

Fourth, what you believe does not determine reality. You can believe all day that the sky is green and the grass is blue, but it does not change the fact that the sky is blue and the grass is green. While this example may seem ridiculous, many people believe in things that are as equally preposterous, even though those things may seem real to them.

As you can see, what you believe does not change reality. What you believe only determines the outcome of your interaction with what is real, what is right, and what will be - how successful or unsuccessful you live in light of reality. Obviously, the more correctly you live in light of reality, the more successful you will be, but since we cannot know all of reality and all of the consequences of living in that reality, what we believe does not matter, for we can never be sure that what we believe is correct or will lead to positive results. We make our choices based on what we believe and hope for the best. As humans that is all we can do.

This is why what you believe does not matter - because at any moment you make a decision based on whatever you believe is best, and all you can do is hope that everything turns out the way you want. However, you can never know for sure that what you believe will produce the result you want. If all you have to live by is what you believe, you may as well roll some dice and hope for the best, for no matter how hard you try, you can never be sure of what the outcome of your belief will be.

I want to tell you now what really matters. What really matters is not WHAT you believe, but WHO you believe! You see, everyone believes someone. Some people believe their parents. Some people believe the newscaster. Some people believe Oprah. Some people believe only themselves. The point here is that we all base our beliefs not on what we believe, but who we believe. We all depend on someone to help us determine reality.

So, the question is not what do you believe, because that does not matter. Rather, the question is: WHO do you believe? This is what matters, because Who you believe determines what you believe, which determines how you think, which determines what you do, which determines how you end. If this is indeed the case, you need to question WHO you believe, and decide if that person or persons are the WHO you should believe.

Let’s review the reasons why what you believe does not matter, and you will see why who you believe is so important:

First, what you believe changes over time because you are influenced by other people, media, and such. What you believe is constantly in flux because the information you given changes often and in contradictory ways.

Second, what you believe may be wrong because there are people out there who want you to believe things that are not true, even though they are truly sincere in believing that they are right.

Third, you can believe a lie, either from someone who is trying to manipulate you or one you make up for your own benefit. People, businesses, the media, and the government all want you to believe things that will benefit them, not you.

Fourth, what you believe does not determine reality. People, the media, society, and businesses are all trying to change your perception of reality, to get you to believe the way they do, usually either to control you or to benefit them.

All around you are influences - people, media, businesses, government, society - all wanting you to believe them. Some really want you to know the truth, but many do not. They will lie to you, deceive you, and sometimes try to force you to accept them as the source and revealer of reality. They want you to accept their version of what is real, what is right, and what will be. They will use all sorts of means to get you to believe them. They will even keep you from the truth if they can so you will serve their purpose, so you will do as they want, so you will believe as they do. This is why who you believe is what really matters. You must believe in someone who can and will tell you the truth, even if it goes against your own desires or what everyone else believes.

The ultimate question is: Who can you trust? Can you trust the Media? Can you trust the government? Can you trust anyone, including yourself, to tell you the truth. Can you trust anyone to really tell you how to live successfully?

Let me tell you who I trust, who I believe in. I believe in the God of the Bible. The reason I believe in the God of the Bible is that I have found Him to be the one who can show me how to live successfully - based on His definition of success, which is the only definition that matters - in light of what HE says is real, what HE says is right, and what HE says will be. I have found that His word is all I need to guide me through life. In the Bible, I see how HE has guided people for thousands of years. I read about how those who believe in Him are successful, while those who believed in someone else were failures. I read about how He forgave, and how I should forgive. I read about His mercy, and about how I should show mercy. I find in Him and His Word all the help I need.

Now I know that you may not believe God, or even believe in God. But where else can you turn? No person, religion, government, society, or media is going to be completely honest with you because they all have ulterior motives. They want to use you, control you, or change you to suit their viewpoints. God wants only to save you, to make you complete, to give you life eternal, and to make you successful based on His definition of success - the only definition that matters. He will tell you the truth.

Now, if you have trouble believing that God is who you should believe, let me ask you this: How is believing in other people and other things working for you? Are you really happy? Are you really successful? You may be honest with yourself and say no, or you can lie to yourself and say yes, but if all you have to live on is what you believe, sooner or later your life will change, and you will always be at the mercy of whoever or whatever you choose to believe at the moment, for better or worst.

My hope is that you will choose to believe God. If you need a place to start, get a copy of the Bible in modern English and read the Books of Genesis, John, and Revelation. In Genesis, you will see how everything came to be, how our ancestors sinned and brought pain, suffering and death into the world, and how God prepared a people through which He would bring someone to save all those who would believe Him. In John you will read about the coming savior, Jesus, who gave His life and died in your place so you could go and live with Him in His place - Heaven, but also so you could have an abundant life here. In Revelation, you will read about how God winds all things up, and how it all ends, and how those who believe God win. Is it not worth a little of your time to see if God is who you should believe?

I’m sure that many people, religions, and the media will try to keep you from reading the Bible for yourself. Even the government restricts your access to the Bible. Have you ever wondered why? It is so you will not find out for yourself what is real, what is right, and what will be. It is to keep you tied to the world order, controlled by those who refuse to believe God. It is so you will do as they say, not as God says. If you don’t believe me, read the Bible for yourself. Put aside everything you have heard about the Bible and see for yourself. Talk to some people who are knowledgeable of the Bible, but do not believe them! Read and study the Bible for yourself and see if what they believe is true.

Remember, what you believe does not matter! Who you believe - that is all that matters!

Happy Reading!

Paw-Paw John


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