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Why Wild Animals Do Not Get Overweight

Updated on September 27, 2017
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At age 16 I was a volunteer at a hospital bacteriology lab. I became a chemist for U.S. government. Then I studied health & related fields.


This is a picture of a red fox from wild animals.
This is a picture of a red fox from wild animals. | Source

Wild Animals Do Not Get Overweight

This explains why wild animals do not get to eat overweight. When wild animals are young, they go to classes and learn what foods to eat. Like lions are taught to eat insects to be healthy. No, I am just making fun of how humans learn what to eat. Animals know what to eat by their instinct. That instinct works by eating what tastes good.

A human will go to a class on the paleo diet and be told what they ate thousands of years ago, even though they do not know anyone who was around at that time. They may say that humans ate mostly meat even though they have no science to back that up. Actually they have taken human excrement, stool or defecation from that time and found it contains mostly fruit. Watch the 3 minute video below.

FOSSILIZED POO DEBUNKS PALEO DIET? Dr Michael Greger & Dr Milton Mills (both MDs)

Ideal Human Diet

Note that plant foods have plenty of fiber and animal foods have no fiber. Fiber fills you up but provides no calories since it is not digested. It has a lots of benefits for health, especially for the health of the colon. So wild animals eat all food raw and do not eat food made by humans with added salt and other things.

Note that according to Prevention Magazine salt is addictive, it makes you fat and it puts you in a early grave. Actually the paleo diet as told about by the founder has no salt in it and that alone can provide lots of weight loss and health benefits. By eating all foods raw, wild animals can eat the food that is best for their health and are available. If they are not available, then the animal cannot eat them.

So there are 2 parts to the wild animal not gaining extra weight. By eating all food raw that makes it so they are eating the healthiest foods. The other part is eating the perfect amount of that food. That makes sure that they are not eating too much food. So that is achieved just by the animal eating according to its tastes. The animals stop eating when it has had enough of that food. Now there is a condition for this to work that is always present for the wild animal. That condition is that the food must be eaten alone and not mixed with other food. That keeps the animal from over eating.

So now you know the conditions for these instincts to work to their fullest abilities. It is best to eats fruits first since they digest quicker than other foods. If you have melons, you can eat them first since they have a lot of water. Note that unripe melons are not healthy and also do not taste good. Ripe melons are healthy for you and taste good. Rotten melons are very bad for health and also taste very bad. Do you see how that works. Your sense of taste is working in your favor to help your health.

So you eat as much of that melon as you want to and have available. Then you eat another type of food in the same way. Try to eat the healthiest foods first since you might get filled up on them and not want to eat any food for awhile.

The worst food to eat are processed food made by man. Their goal is to make money not to help you with your weight or your health. The more food they sell, the more money they make. So it is very smart to put salt in food since it is addictive. The next step is to put pot in your food so you will want even more food to eat. The processed foods are also not raw and usually contain more than one food.

The best food to eat cooked that will help you lose weight are greens. Try to avoid the salt and eat a lot of greens. They are low in calories and high in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is great for losing weight. It is like a purifier and especially a blood purifier. The minerals in it are similar to the minerals in blood so you can say that it is like plant blood.

A human being does not need to eat animal food at all. We eat meat that eat plant food. So all of the nutrients that come from a cow come from eating plant food. Also if you live in the U.S. they put something in the meat that is illegal in almost all other countries.They put growth hormones in the cow. Now it is legal in the U.S. so they deny the following but the other countries have reasons for making it illegal.

It makes the animal feel like it is pregnant so it will give more milk and weigh more. Also this hormone also goes in you and makes you weigh more and be more feminine. If you are female that translates into having puberty and periods at an earlier age.

If you are male what do these hormones do? Remember that in the U.S. these hormones have no effect on you. If a male person wants to become more like a female, he will take female hormones and also consume ovaries from other animals that are not human. In fact Arnold Schwarzenegger was asked if he drinks milk. His answer was "No, milk is for babies."

So you can easily experiment eating one food at a time and not mixing foods and see that you not over eat like when you mix foods. It is like you get sick of eating one food and want to try another. You are an expert at following others advice. This is a chance to explore the instincts that you were given that can help you.


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    • Blond Logic profile image

      Mary Wickison 5 months ago from Brazil

      When you stop to evaluate a western diet, it is unhealthy. Some people think they can cure everything by eating kale and quinoa. Then the next day, they are back at McDonalds.

      Milk in the American diet was pushed as a way to consume more corn. The corn and grain farmers were paramount at getting breakfast cereals on the table and of course, the dairy farmers loved it as well.

    • emge profile image

      Madan 5 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Very interesting and added to my knowledge