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Why You Lack Confidence!

Updated on May 22, 2019
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Imran is an anthropologist who researches and writes on self-improvement.

Hard to Gain!

In simple words, I define information as the passing of knowledge to a person or group, but, using the same information when you successfully convince the spectators or listeners, well done, that shows your confidence.
Know the difference between the two below: Passing knowledge indicates making a recipient (who is the target) discern your message, whereas convincing requires gaining the trust and faith of the target through the proper employ of wit and determination.

Hence, the level of your confidence becomes the deciding factor, and its absence or inadequacy may result in damage.

You lack confidence because while showing it, you multitask.
Moreover, numerous points run in your mind, namely:

  • Remembering the content,
  • Using the right words,
  • Matching your tone and body language,
  • Not making faults,
  • Answering questions,
  • Clearing doubts,
  • Most imperative of all, Convincing the other party.

The simultaneous conduct of the above actions carries the possibility to break your morale.

Through this article, you will understand the reasons that affect your level of confidence. But first, learn why this quality is tough.


Needs Sincere Work!

You work industriously to pass tests, gain muscles, or meet targets; similarly, sincere work (mental and physical) becomes paramount to acquire confidence.
Like a skill, you ought to learn, obtain, install inside you, and hone further to receive praise for your performance in a particular field or activity.

The crux of the matter is, only with real-life scenarios you grow confident.
You cannot detect the level of your strength if you speak in an empty room with no audience.

Secondly, whether you approve or not, for analysis, and to realize how compelling your profile truly is, you must allow people to judge.
Their judgments, opinions, feedback, ratings, and scores will throw light and communicate clearly about your confidence level.

Thirdly, you must exhibit courage, knowledge, communication, and wisdom while sounding cogent. Thus, it becomes challenging, strenuous, and tough to perform confidently.


12 Reasons to Lack Confidence

  • 1) Lack of interest:

A significant point. Without self-assurance, impressing others will be unmanageable. When you lack interest in your area of work, or in what you have to present, your attitude won't be positive, resulting in unsatisfactory performance.
Disinterest, along with the absence of internal motivation, gravely affect your confidence level.

  • 2) Poor communication:

Ineffective communication will massively doom your tenacity and convincing ability, even after your being knowledgeable, skillful, and experienced.
Therefore, whatever barrier you face, never compromise or give up on communication. Besides, keep your verbal and written communication clear and to the point.

  • 3) Inadequate knowledge:

If your knowledge on the subject matter is incomplete, you won't be sure about your concepts. Consequently, you might fumble, stutter, and not sound confident, increasing suspicions and doubts. It could also put you in a precarious position to answer questions. And, if you fail to clear doubts, your image will go for a toss.
Therefore, to captivate successfully, be well-equipped with complete and accurate information.

  • 4) Your subject matter is bogus and has flaws:

Insubstantial topics and poor content already carry a risk of failure. Even if you show immense confidence, that won't be enough as your information is invaluable and disadvantageous.

  • 5) Inexperience:

Your personality and profile grow powerful with experience. The more inexperienced you are, the less confident you will seem. The best solution is to learn as much as possible as quickly as you can.
An open mind, good spirit, dexterity, and diligence help in boosting your aplomb while acquiring experience in the learning phase.

  • 6) Cold feet:

Fear and anxiety can bitterly weaken your morale no matter how knowledgeable or competent you may seem to appear. Likewise, you will be nervous if you are pessimistic and you think excessively.
A small advantage you might still receive is that your audience will be a little considerate if you are purely nervous, yet you will have failed to gain their trust because of lack of confidence.

  • 7) Competition:

In competition, you strive to be above your competitors. Because you have to work harder than everybody else, your fortitude and determination need to be very high and intense. Meeting expectations might become challenging, and your confidence might not be sufficient.

  • 8) You are not credible:

The source of information plays a vital role in gaining trust. If people don't trust you, your confidence has no value and is meaningless.
Your past, your work, and your principles reveal the truth about you.
It is, therefore, necessary to be a trustworthy source.
Points below determine your credibility:

  • Your honesty and transparency
  • Being true to your words.
  • Fulfilling your promises and expectations.

Don't lack these if you intend to woo your spectators and listeners.

  • 9) Not in the mood:

If your mind is not in the right frame, you will not attract attention.
The following points affect your mood:

  • A bad day at home/work.
  • Setbacks of personal or professional life.
  • If you are angry, sad, or unhappy.
  • Heavy workload and pressure.
  • Exhaustion.
  • No appreciation from fellows.

  • 10) Distractions:

You lose focus when you face distractions. Your communication and body language pass hints that your mind is flickering elsewhere.
Following their instincts, people won't consider you reliable.

  • 11) Basic nature

Extroverts are more cheerful, talkative, and compelling than introverts. Shy guys attract little attention as compared to bold and fearless guys.
Your manners, behavior, reactions, and the way you represent yourself carry much significance in revealing your convincing ability.

  • 12) Mundane tasks:

When you do tasks repetitively, you might start to dislike doing them after a while out of boredom. Subsequently, that might affect your caliber and your ability to persuade.
You form a casual and careless attitude.

loss is Yours!

Lack of confidence will complicate even the simplest of matters which you can easily handle otherwise. To not turn into that incapable person, keep in mind the twelve reasons highlighted in the article.

Remember, you lack confidence when you are not ready or prepared, so be capable and apt.

Warning: When you have a casual and reckless attitude, you are unready and unprepared.

Most importantly, avoid presuming. Assumptions and wishful thinking make you unrealistic and presumptuous.
Beware, that's a sign of overconfidence!

© 2019 Imran khan


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